We've partnered with RealTrends to help coordinate efforts to collect data and rank Alabama's top-performing brokerages, agents, and teams.


This is a separate list from the RealTrends 500 List and The Thousand List, which are nationally ranked lists. This ranking list will solely focus on Alabama. It is free to submit your 2020 performance information.


Did you submit your information for the RealTrends 500 List or The Thousand list?


Then there is no need to re-submit your information. RealTrends will automatically transfer any Alabama submissions into the Alabama portal. Click the button below to visit the rankings portal and submit your information. You can also learn more in the FAQ section below.



1. What is RealTrends?

RealTrends is known as the trusted industry source for information on trends, strategies, analysis, people and news shaping the real estate industry of tomorrow. RealTrends has been conducting surveys of residential real estate firm firm performance since 1988. 


2. What is the Alabama's Top Rankings?

This new initiative with RealTrends will rank the top brokerage firms, agents, and teams by closed transaction sides and closed volume for calendar year 2020.


3. How do I submit my information?

Visit the RealTrends ranking portal here. From there, you will be directed to either the broker portal or agents/teams portal depending on the category in which you'd like to be considered. Fill in the requested information and click the submit button.


4. Is this a cost to submit my information?

No, the submission is free of charge. 


5. Is this the same thing as the RealTrends 500 list (or The Thousand/America's Best)?

No, this is a completely separate list solely focused on Alabama. 


6. What if I have already submitted my information to the RealTrends 500 list, The Thousand List, or the America's Best list?

Great! Your data will automatically be included for consideration in the Alabama's Top rankings list. There is no need to re-submit your information.


7. How are the rankings calculated?

RealTrends will analyze all the data and create a list ranking the top performing brokerages, teams, and agents in the state. The rankings are based on closed transaction sides and closed volume for year 2020.


8. When will the rankings be published?

RealTrends will be accepting submission through June 1, 2021. The rankings list will be published in July 2021.