Interested in REALTOR®

Membership in the REALTOR® organization is a professional distinction that places you among the top 25 percent of all agents licensed to practice real estate in Alabama. Alabama REALTORS® membership requires that you have an active Alabama real estate license, and your broker is an Alabama REALTORS® member.
Only those accepted as members may use the registered trademark term REALTOR®, an industry mark that symbolizes one’s personal commitment to real estate as a career pursuit and sets you apart from the non-member real estate agents and brokers in the state.

Membership Options

There are several membership options, each with its own requirements. See membership options below. 
Primary Membership is for agents whose office is located in Alabama. Primary Membership applications must be made through your Local Association. If you're not sure which Local Association to join, click here for a map of Local Associations by county.
  • If you are a Broker, contact the Local Association in the area you are planning to do business.
  • If you are an Agent, ask your broker which Local Association he or she has membership
After joining your Local Association, you become a member of both the State and National Associations and receive access to all Alabama REALTORS® resources and benefits.
If your office is in a county that is At Large, complete an online application for Alabama State membership.
Secondary Membership is for REALTOR® members who hold Primary Membership in another state and have an active Alabama reciprocal license. If you need MLS access, contact the Local Association in the area you will be doing business. 
  • If you would like to join a Local Association and the State Association, contact the Local Association where you will be doing business. Click here to see a map of Local Associations by county. 
  • If you would like to join the State Association only, complete an online application for Alabama State membership. 
Affiliate Membership is for individuals or firms whose business is affiliated with the real estate industry, but are not licensed real estate agents or brokers. You can see more information about Affiliate Membership here.