At Alabama REALTORS®, our primary focus is to be the voice of real estate in Alabama, and to protect the rights of our members and the clients they serve. The Alabama REALTORS® Public Policy Department provides research on federal, state, and local levels concerning issues impacting real estate and private property rights. Outside of the Legislative Session, the Department researches real estate issues, attends meetings of regulatory agencies, reviews proposed regulations, and develops legislation to help REALTORS®.

Three-Way Agreement

The term “Three-way Agreement” refers to the structure of the REALTOR® organization. This agreement was established among the National Association, the State Associations, and Local Boards and Associations. With this agreement, the National Association grants each Association and Board the right to control the terms “REALTOR®” and “REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®” within its territorial jurisdiction. In the simplest of terms, the federated structure allows the REALTOR® organization to use its combined resources (both human and financial) and influence to have a unified, powerful voice in shaping public policy, set recognized standards for ethical real estate practice, and contribute to the betterment of the real estate industry.