AAR Now Offers Commercial Errors & Omissions Insurance

Alabama REALTORS® has teamed with Pearl Insurance to offer our members one of the most comprehensive Errors & Omissions insurance plans in the market today.

As a member of the Association, you are eligible to enroll in this insurance product at any time. Be sure to check out the coverage details, resources, and tools available to you. You can even request an estimate.

Did You Know?


Cyber crooks target smaller and medium sized firms. In fact more than 50% of businesses have experienced a cyber-attack in the past year according to a study of businesses conducted by research firm Zogby Analytics for HSB.

The cost of cyber risk events is significant. 72 % of the small to midsized businesses that said they were hacked spent $5,000 or more. And 38% of those hacked spent over $50,000 to respond.

Virtually all small to mid-sized businesses are at risk because they have computers and portable devices, store electronic data, retain people’s private information and are dependent on the Internet.

It’s clear that cyber security is a risk for all firms – regardless of industry, size, or location. If you have data, you have cyber risks. 


AXA XL Solution: CyberOne™ and Data Compromise

We understand these risks and offer comprehensive cyber coverage to help small firms respond and recover from cyber attacks. Our cyber coverage includes:

CyberOne™ Coverage

Helps pay for the costs associated with restoring data and computer systems as well as protects against third-party liability that may arise from a failure of a system security.

Data Compromise Coverage

Designed to help clients respond to the financial burden and service obligations of a data breach.


Computer Attack Coverage

  • Coverage is triggered by a computer attack

  • An unauthorized person gaining access to the insured’s computer system

  • A malware attack

  • A denial of service attack

  • In the event of a computer attack, CyberOneTM pays for:
    • Data re-creation (from non-electronic sources)
    • Data restoration (from electronic sources)
    • Loss of business income
    • Systems restoration

Network Security Liability Coverage

  • Coverage is triggered by a network security liability suit – a civil proceeding, an alternative dispute resolution proceeding, or a written demand for money alleging that a negligent failure of the insured’s computer security allowed one of the following to occur:

    • The breach of third party business data

    • The unintended transmission of malware

    • A denial of service attack in which the insured unintentionally participated

  • In the event of a network security liability suit, CyberOneTM covers costs of defense, settlement, and judgment. Defense is provided within the coverage limits.

Limit and Deductible
Computer Attack

  • $100,000 annual aggregate limit (higher limits available)

  • $2,500 deductible per computer attack

Network Security Liability

  • $100,000 annual aggregate limit (higher limits available)

  • $2,500 deductible per network security liability suit

Data Compromise

Response Expenses Coverage

  • Coverage is triggered by the discovery of the breach by the insured. A data breach includes:

    • Theft of electronic files or physical files

    • Accidental loss or release of files

    • Voluntary release due to fraud

  • In the event of a data breach, Data Compromise coverage pays for:

    • First-party expenses in responding to a personal data breach

    • Outside legal counsel review, forensic IT review, notifications to affected individuals, credit monitoring and identity restoration services to affected individuals

Defense & Liability Coverage

• Coverage offers legal defense cost and liability coverage as part of the program to protect businesses from lawsuits filed by consumers upset about a data breach when their private information is exposed.

Limit and Deductible
Response Expense

  • $100,000 annual aggregate (higher limits available)

  • Sublimits: Any one Personal Data Compromise
    • Forensic IT review $10,000
    • Legal review $10,000
    • Named malware $50,000
    • Public Relations service $5,000
    • $2,500 deductible any one Personal Data Compromise

Defense and Liability

  • 100,000* annual aggregate (higher limits available)

  • Sublimits: Named malware $50,000 any one Personal DataCompromise

  • $2,500 deductible each Data Compromise Suit


Real Estate ProtectionPlus Exclusively Through Pearl Insurance

Our Plus coverage comes with the experience you deserve, and the trust of REALTORS® across the country that you should expect. We've been protecting real estate agents since 1979 and were among the first companies to offer errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. We understand the ever-changing needs of your industry and work diligently with our partner carrier, AXA XL, to offer the latest and most important coverage options for real estate professionals. We are now supplementing our Plus program with essential cyber endorsements. Don’t leave your firm vulnerable to the consequences of cyberattacks. Visit us at pearlinsurance.com or call one of our E&O specialists at 855-465-0200 for more information. If you're ready to get the Plus today, get a quote online now!

For Your E&O Coverage Needs

Even if your name is cleared, the time taken away from your business, money spent on defense, and added stress of dealing with a claims situation can be taxing. That's why choosing a real estate errors & omissions (E&O) program that meets the needs and budget of your firm is essential. 

Why should I choose Pearl Insurance as my provider?

Our program is underwritten by AXA XL (through Greenwich Insurance Company and Indian Harbor Insurance Company)—rated “A+” by A.M. Best Company—allowing us to offer one of the most comprehensive E&O plans in the market today. The product offering can be found on our premium estimate form on the reverse of this form. Our commitment to E&O insurance has helped earn us sponsorships from over 20 national, state, and local associations. Pearl Insurance also provides several risk management tools and services to help real estate professionals effectively minimize their legal liability.

What determines my annual premium?

Your firm will be given an initial base rate that is determined by your state’s loss experience. From there, the rate is modified to reflect a number of risk factors including the individual characteristics of your firm, past claims experience, the number of professionals you need to cover, and the limits, deductible, and the number of agents in your firm. Plus, we have developed many innovative credit options that reward you with lower premiums for establishing and following sound risk management procedures.