Highlights from Week 10 of the Legislative Session and a Look at What’s Ahead for Week 11

Highlights from Week 10 of the Legislative Session and a Look at What’s Ahead for Week 11

The Legislature met for two days last week, marking the 20th and 21st legislative days. The House adjourned at 5:37pm and the Senate adjourned at 2:15pm on Thursday. The Senate has introduced 406 bills and the House has introduced 576. Only 9 legislative days remain in the Legislative Session.

Highlights from Last Week:
From the Governor’s Desk

Civics Test Bill Becomes Law
Governor Ivey signed SB 32 into law last week as Act 2017-173. This Act would require students to pass a civics test before graduating high school.

From the House

Education Trust Fund Budget
The Education Trust Fund budget received a favorable report from the House Ways and Means Education Committee on Thursday. The House version of the budget has slight modifications from the Senate version that was passed by the full Senate last month. The House is expected to vote on the Education Trust Fund Budget this week. 


Photo courtesy of Dionne Whetstone, House of Representatives Photographer


Firearms Bill
A public hearing was held at the State Capitol in the House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security Wednesday on a bill that would eliminate the requirement for a permit in order to carry a concealed hand gun in the state. No vote was taken on the bill. Legislators and law enforcement remain divided on the issueA similar bill passed the Senate two weeks ago.

Mid-Wife Bill
The House passed a bill that would legalize midwives in the State. The bill now goes to the Senate. Thirty-seven other states allow the practice of midwives.

Monument Bill 
The House passed a bill that would place restrictions on moving monuments and historical structures from public property. The Senate passed a similar bill last month. The bill now heads back to the Senate where the differences on the bills will be reconciled.

From the Senate

County Gas Tax Bill
A bill that would allow county commissioners to propose gas taxes subject to approval by voters in their counties advanced in a Senate committee last week. The proposal came after the statewide gas bill that would have raised the tax on gas and diesel to 4 cents a gallon to fund infrastructure projects was pulled from the House floor a few weeks ago.

Parking Enforcement Bill:
A bill passed the Senate that would provide certain procedures to be followed by a municipality for parking enforcement, such as authorizing the city council to adopt a municipal ordinance and providing civil violations and fines.   

Motor Vehicle Bill
A bill passed the Senate that would provide civil immunity to a person who rescues a child or injured person from an unattended motor vehicle. The bill has already passed the House and goes to the Governor.

Fire Marshall Bill
A bill that would allow the State Fire Marshal to issue permits to certain fire protection sprinkler contractors and that would require the State Fire Marshal to collect and publish certain data passed the Senate last week. The bill has already passed the House and goes to the Governor. 

What’s Ahead:

On Tuesday, May 2, the House will convene at 1:00pm, and the Senate will convene at 2:00pm. The Legislature is expected to meet for three days this week. Major proposals that still must be considered by May 22 include prison reform, the state’s two budgets and legislative redistricting.

Legislative Redistricting Bills were filed in the House and Senate last week and are expected to start moving through the legislative process this week. To read what Republications and Democrats have to say about the new redistricting plans, click here.

The General Fund Budget is on the Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee agenda this week. The General Fund Budget passed the House in March.   

Bills on the House calendar Tuesday include: a bill that would change the definitions of locksmiths and would further provide for the regulation of electronic security systems and for the operation of the board, a bill that would create the Alabama Public Transportation Trust Fund to fund activities that increase public transportation options across the state, and a bill that would levy an additional coal severance tax to fund the operation of the Surface Mining Commission.

The Senate will release their calendar Special Order Calendar when they convene on Tuesday.