A Note From The Legal Helpdesk: REALTOR® Submitted Questions

A Note From The Legal Helpdesk: REALTOR® Submitted Questions

Your Legal Helpdesk is hard at work receiving and answering questions from REALTORS®. Here are a few questions and answers from the Legal Helpdesk.


Landlord/Tenant - Up-front Charges

Q: I am a property manager. I have an owner that wants us to charge first and last months’ rent up front along with the damage deposit, for example, first month’s rent of $800, last month’s rent of $800 plus the damage deposit of $800, for a total payment of $2400. Is that allowed under the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act?

Bidding - Payment Not to Bid 

Q: When bidding on real estate at a court house auction, is it illegal to pay someone not to bid, or to get paid not to bid?

Pocket Listings 

Q: Are there any laws, rules or ethics regarding a ‘Pocket Listing’?

Refusal to Show a House

Q: If there is a signed listing agreement and a "For Sale" sign is posted on the property, can the listing agent/broker refuse to allow the property to be shown to a potential buyer?

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