Real Estate Alabama: The 10 Most-Read Articles of 2017

Real Estate Alabama: The 10 Most-Read Articles of 2017

In September, Alabama REALTORS® launched Real Estate Alabama, a weekly digest of all things real estate in sweet home Alabama. Whether it's association news, industry updates, consumer content, legal education, or public policy information, Alabama REALTORS® has you covered! Here are the 10 most-read articles of 2017.


Baby Boomers & Millennials Competing to Buy the Same Homes

Boomers, it seems, want to downsize at the same time their children and grandchildren are trying to buy their first homes. “There are similar search criteria between the baby boomer and the millennial and a similar property type desired by both demographics.”

Alabama is competing against 10 other states for a $1.6 billion automotive plant, with 13 sites across the state being considered. The Toyota and Mazda plant will employ approximately 4,000 people.

A Note From The Legal Helpdesk: Caveat Emptor for the Buyer's Agent

Caveat Emptor is a must-know phrase in real estate. The Legal Helpdesk has a two-part series on the rule. This week we are looking at the rule from the perspective of the buyer’s agent and next week from the perspective of the seller’s agent. 

A Note From The Legal Helpdesk: Caveat Emptor for the Seller's Agent

As we discussed last week, caveat emptor limits a seller or seller’s agent’s duty to disclose issues with used real estate. This week we delve a little deeper into the seller or seller’s agent’s responsibility to disclose.


The F-35 Lands in Montgomery

U. S. Senator Richard Shelby confirmed Thursday that Montgomery, Alabama has landed the F-35A fighter jet program. This program will tremendously impact the Alabama economy, bringing both jobs and revenue to the state.

You found the perfect house for your client and are three days away from closing. You would like to see the closing disclosure, but your client’s lender refuses, citing privacy concerns. Can a lender or settlement agent do this?
Ever wonder if you are legally bound by an email or text offer or counter-offer? The Legal Helpdesk has some information and tips for you.

You are the owner/broker for the real estate company named Fiction Realty. You and your licensees sell houses in cities A, B, and C, but your only office is in City A, in One County, Alabama. One day, you receive a letter from a company, Auditor, Inc., on behalf of City B, demanding payment of City B’s business license tax. Do you owe City B money? Have you paid the correct business license fee?

Top Things Millennials Consider When Buying Their First Home 

Here are four things that millennials consider when it comes time to purchase their first home and some of them may surprise you!

Gift Box Ideas for New Homeowners: Hygge, Homesteader, Mid-Century Mod, & More

If you're looking for a creative gift for someone who recently bought their first home (or moved into their first rental), here's an idea: Sign them up for a subscription box that sums up what kind of homeowner they are to a T!