Lone Wolf to Acquire zipLogix™

Lone Wolf to Acquire zipLogix™

Lone Wolf Technologies, a leader in residential real estate software, announced today that it has acquired zipLogix™, a leading provider of transaction management, electronic forms, and eSignature solutions for the real estate industry.

Previously, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) was the majority owner of zipLogix™, owning roughly two thirds of the company. C.A.R. decided to sell zipLogix™; and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), as a minority owner, concurred with that decision. 

NAR believes that the combination of these two firms, Lone Wolf and zipLogix™, will accelerate the development of next-generation transaction management products. The acquisition will also improve the technological capabilities and resources of REALTORS®, helping brokers and agents be more efficient and productive and deliver superior customer service. 

NAR’s agreement with zipLogix™ to provide its software products free to you, the members of NAR, will remain in force until its expiration at the end of 2020. We believe the financial return on our zipLogix™ investment, as well as the software it has provided to help you be effective and efficient in your real estate business, has demonstrated the value of strategic investments in technology. When the agreement expires, we will have the option to renegotiate it or seek other software options that serve your needs.

Due to confidentiality agreements that were a part of the purchasing contract, NAR cannot discuss the sale price. See additional information about the acquisition below. 

Read the press release from Lone Wolf about its acquisition of Ziplogix. 

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