July State Board of Education Report

July State Board of Education Report

On July 9, the Alabama REALTORS® Public Policy Team monitored the State Board of Education (BOE) meeting in Montgomery for impacts on the real estate industry and property owners. The State BOE has a tremendous responsibility in overseeing our schools, and the quality of our school systems affects the real estate industry, economic development and property values in Alabama.

Business Meeting 

In the meeting, the BOE conducted mostly routine business, but there were a few agenda items of note. First, BOE members elected new officers:  Jeff Newman as Vice President and Jackie Ziegler as President Pro-Tem. Several resolutions were also approved: a resolution to recognize Dr. Sherri Huff from the Birmingham City School System as Alabama’s 2018-2019 Champion of the Year for Healthy, Active Schools and resolutions to authorize review of Educator Programs at Faulkner University and the University of Montevallo.

The BOE then announced its intent to adopt three new Alabama Administrative Rules:

  • Alabama Administrative Code, Chapter 290-4-5, Pertaining to Student Health Services 
    Dr. Mackey stated that this new rule affects students receiving palliative care and will ensure they receive the most attentive care. Dr. Mackey said that this new rule has the full support of school nurses. 
  • Alabama Administrative Code, Rule 290-3-3-.09, Pertaining to Computer Science Education 
    Dr. Mackey explained this new rule establishes that each public K-12 school in the state will offer courses in computer science, and this rule will further establish multiple computer science certification pathways for public school teachers.  
  • Alabama Administrative Code, Rule 290-3-2-.36, Pertaining to  a Higher Education Transitional Certificate 
    Dr. Mackey clarified that this new rule will establish a Higher Education Transitional Certificate for instructors who teach at community colleges and the Air Force. 

State Superintendent’s Report

In his State Superintendent’s report, Dr. Mackey pointed out that he is continuing his statewide school visits. He visited Mobile schools last week and will visit Auburn schools this upcoming week. With the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon on July 16th, Dr. Mackey will attend a celebration in Montgomery while Governor Ivey will attend an event in Huntsville. He said the State Department of Education is working with NASA on how this important event in history can be tied into Alabama classrooms.

The next BOE meeting will be held on August 8, 2019. 

State Board of Education Background

The BOE was established in 1919 to set policies and regulations for the state's public school system. The board is comprised of nine members. Governor Kay Ivey is president by virtue of her position as Governor, and the remaining eight members are elected to four-year terms in partisan elections from single-member districts of the state with similar populations. A state superintendent of education is appointed by the board to serve as its secretary and executive officer over the State Department of Education.

The AAR Public Policy Team will continue to monitor state regulatory agencies for potential impacts on REALTOR® members, the real estate industry and private property owners.