New Grant Program for Alabama Small Businesses

New Grant Program for Alabama Small Businesses

Governor Kay Ivey announced a new grant program, called Revive Alabama, for Alabama’s small businesses on July 8. The Program is funded by $100 million from Alabama’s $1.9 billion share of CARES Act money and is meant to help small businesses with expenses incurred from COVID-19 related closures. Eligible businesses can apply for grants up to $15,000 to recover these expenses, including rent and payroll costs. Sole proprietors, self-employed individuals and independent contractors can apply if otherwise eligible.

See the Governor’s press release here.

See below for basic information, and for further details, please visit the Alabama Department of Revenue’s (ADOR) website for the Program here.

Eligible Businesses

The full list of eligibility criteria is on ADOR’s website, but, in general, a business is eligible for the Program if the business:

  • Is an Alabama resident (includes individuals, companies, non-profits) with a permanent place of business (headquartered) in Alabama;
  • Was in business on March 1, 2020 and remains in business;
  • Employed fewer than 20 employees on March 1 and is not a subsidiary or part of a larger enterprise with over 50 full-time employees;
  • Had gross revenues at or below $5,000,000 for each of the past two years (if in business during that time); and,
  • Does not directly lobby, does not exist to advance partisan political activities, and does not work with or employ a lobbyist.

Covered Expenses

The grants can cover up to $15,000 of expenses incurred due to business interruptions from COVID-19, such as mortgage interest, rent, payroll costs, utilities and personal protective equipment.

Expenses Excluded

The Program specifically excludes expenses already paid or expected to be paid by a federal program, such as unemployment or an SBA loan, or by insurance. Also, the funds cannot be used to pay severance, legal settlements, workforce bonuses (except hazard pay and overtime) or reimbursement to donors.

Application Period

Businesses can apply beginning at noon on July 16 through midnight on July 25.

Application Process

Businesses must first register for an MAT account at My Alabama Taxes, if they do not already have an account. Once registered and logged in, go to the “I Want To” section at the top right and click on the “Apply for a Revive Alabama Small Business Grant” link.