July 2020 Membership Report

July 2020 Membership Report

Statewide Membership

As of July 31, 2020, statewide membership is currently at 16,775¹, which is up 463 members, a 2.84% increase since the end of July last year.


Local Membership

The state membership increase has been driven mainly by the growth at three large boards and six medium boards, all with a 3.81% or greater increase in membership year over year. 

Large Boards

  • Mobile Area Association: 7.71%
  • Huntsville Area Association: 7.22%
  • Birmingham Area Association: 5.82% 

Medium Boards

  • Wiregrass Board: 15.28%
  • East Alabama Board: 10.29%
  • Cullman Association: 8.85%
  • Etowah-Cherokee Association: 4.68%
  • Southeast Alabama Association: 3.98%
  • Lee County Association:  3.81%

National Membership

According to the NAR Membership Report², NAR grew to 1,409,727 members, which is an addition of 26,717 members for a 1.93% increase from the end of July 2019. 

For states in the medium category, Alabama had the third highest year-over-year membership growth for a total of 4.89% and is ranked seventh highest among all states for year-over-year membership growth.


¹Alabama Membership Report includes REALTOR®, REALTOR® ASSOCIATES, Institute Affiliates, Affiliates, and Non-Member Salesperson memberships. 

²Membership numbers are taken from NAR’s Monthly Membership Report and include REALTOR® and REALTOR® ASSOCIATES only.