Alabama Real Estate Commission Holds September Meeting

Alabama Real Estate Commission Holds September Meeting

The Alabama Real Estate Commission met on September 24 to discuss business and conduct hearings. Seven commission members were present in person, one participated virtually, and one commissioner was absent. The Commission spent the first part of the meeting honoring former executive director Pat Anderson, who retired in the spring. The meeting also marked the last meeting chaired by Danny Sharp, whose term on the Commission ends September 30.

To begin the business portion of the meeting, Executive Director Vaughn Poe gave his monthly report, discussing renewals and financials and announcing the hiring of a new attorney. According to Dir. Poe, the Commission is in good shape financially, especially since this is a license renewal year. As reported previously, the renewal period ended on August 31, with late renewals allowed for an extra fee through September 30. Poe explained that around 6,000 licenses had not been renewed as of September 24. Of those who did renew, just over 93% renewed online, leaving around 7% who renewed in person. Poe did note that the Commission will review the process for ways to make it easier for upcoming renewal cycles.

Poe also indicated that a payout of nearly $50,000 is expected from the Recovery Fund. As a reminder, the Recovery Fund was established under Alabama law (section 34-27-31) to pay consumers who suffer actual or compensatory damages due to a licensee’s violation of license law. Licensees pay $30 toward the fund when renewing their license, and fifty-thousand dollars is the maximum payout allowed to an aggrieved party.

The Commission did not hear any complaints but did hear eight requests. Of the requests, five were applications for determination on licensing eligibility, two were applications for a temporary salesperson license, and one was an application for a reciprocal salesperson license. All applications were approved except three applications for determination of licensing eligibility. In all three instances, the denials emphasize that the Commission is very hesitant to give a real estate license to applicants who were convicted of a crime and are either still on probation or have an outstanding fine stemming from the conviction.

The next Commission meeting is on October 22 at 9:00 am in Montgomery. At the October meeting, a new commissioner, Jimmie Ann Campbell, will be seated, and a new chair and vice chair elected.