AREC Holds April Meeting

AREC Holds April Meeting

Last week, the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC) met for its April meeting, hearing a large number of cases. AREC had to cancel its March meeting due to inclement weather.  


Executive Director Vaughn Poe gave a director’s report going over finances, license renewals, and AREC operations. Of note, over 38,400 licenses have been issued. March audits by the Commission averaged 1.5 a day. AREC was able to utilize COVID-relief money to add a new air purification system and upgrade AREC IT assets for greater telework capabilities.

New and Amended Regulation Proposals

Commissioners also approved the filing of three new regulations and one amendment. One of the new rules and the amendment will pertain to licensees in the military, bringing AREC into compliance with existing laws related to occupational licenses and the military. One of the other rules prohibits the use of contract lobbyists by AREC, and the other rule will pertain to the use or misuse of AREC’s name, initials, logo, or seal. All four proposals will be published for public comment before being finalized.


The Commissioners had a lengthy slate of hearings with six formal complaints, five applications for determination of licensing eligibility, eight applications for a salesperson’s temporary license, one request for an extension to apply for a salesperson’s license, and one request for a home office operation due to hardship.

Upcoming Meetings

The May meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2021, at 9 am.