AREC Holds October Meeting

AREC Holds October Meeting

Commissioners with the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC) met last week for their monthly meeting. Six commissioners were present while one participated virtually. As is typical of AREC meetings, the Commission discussed finances, operations, a few rules and other business, and held hearings. Commissioners also approved three rule amendments and one new rule to be certified.


Director’s Report and Commissioner Discussion Heading

The director’s report revealed that the budget was on track and no recovery fund payouts have occurred. During the licensing period, AREC issued approximately 36,900 licenses and saw a little less than 10% of licenses lapse, which is within the expected range. The Commission is seeing a steady amount of new license applications per day averaging around eight. Education renewals were due on September 30. The Commission saw approximately 849 education licenses and 288 elective courses renewed. AREC completed 15 general audits in the month.


Rules and Other Business

After holding a public hearing last month and allowing for comments on the rules, Commissioners adopted three proposed rule amendments, 790-X-1-.07: Qualifications for Prelicense & Post License Instructors, 790-X-1-.21: Distance Education Courses, 790-X-2-.01: Documentation Require for License Issuance, as well as one new rule, 790-X-1-.23: Misuse of Agency Name, Initials, Logo or Seal. The next step is for the rules to be filed and certified with the Legislative Services Agency (LSA) and will become effective as of December 13, 2021.

Commissioners approved the Director’s request to convene a task force for Prelicense and Post License Course Content and Structure and also approved the 2022 Commission meeting dates and the FY2023 budget.



The Commission heard four complaints, one application for determination of licensing eligibility, two applications for a salesperson’s temporary license, and one application for a salesperson’s reciprocal license.


Commissioner Leadership

Commission Chairman Harrison announced that she would be stepping down as Chairperson, and therefore, Vice Chairman Cummings held an election for her position. Commissioner Barran was nominated and voted in as Chairman. Thereafter, Vice Chairman Cummings also stepped down from his role and nominated Commissioner May. Commissioner May was voted in as Vice Chairman.


Next Meeting

The next Commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 18 at 9 a.m. in Montgomery.