2022 Home Design and Décor Trends Roundup

2022 Home Design and Décor Trends Roundup

Weeks before revelers purchased a small fortune in fireworks at the out-of-the-city-limits roadside trailer to ring in the new year, design publications and websites had already lit up the internet proclaiming 2022’s most important design and décor trends. Whether 2022 turns out to be a fresh start or, as some fear, another year of scaled back living, here is a roundup of the most interesting design and décor trends on the horizon.


Go Green


Pantone may have declared the blue hue “very peri” the color of the year but Architectural Digest declared green the winner in shades like olive sprig and evergreen fog. Calling green – whatever the shade – 2022’s new neutral, paint manufacturers Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Behr agree that green walls, furnishings, and accents will bring about a reconnection with nature. In the runner-up spot were the blues – including very peri – that are also seen as nature inspiring hues for 2022. 

House plants offer another way to incorporate green into home décor. Biophilic design, according to Better Homes and Gardens and Pinterest, is the “process of bringing the outdoors into your home through natural materials, colors, and—of course—plants.” Instead of tabletops and plant stands, consider a plant wall and hanging displays to elevate both plants and style.

If all the back-to-nature tones are a little too sedate, look to black accents to spice up 2022 décor. House Beautiful says black accents are a great way to add edge and depth. Look for black to show up in lamps, mirrors and hardware. “Interior and exterior black window frames, black lacquered entryway doors, and black appliances—either shiny or matte—are expected to grow in popularity in 2022,” says the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) in "8 Home Design, Building Trends to Watch in 2022."


Bold and Old


Architectural Digest sees a “go bold” attitude replacing minimalism in décor. Think maximalism with eye-catching décor pieces in anything but pastel colors. Two years of home confinement in sterile spaces of white, beige and gray are leading people to add personality to their living spaces with color and texture. Veranda magazine says to look for surrealism and fantasy in wallpapers, textiles, furniture shapes and home accents. Curved chairs and sofas likely will be statement pieces in 2022 furnishings.

Sterile, all-white kitchens will make way for color and variety, according to NAR. “Expect to see more wood cabinets or cabinet doors painted in warm or neutral hues, as well as countertops featuring alternative materials. For example, more kitchens may feature mixed materials, such as granite countertops paired with a hardwood island.”

If you’ve been frequenting thrift stores and antique malls, you’re now part of the “in” crowd. Vintage, says Architectural Digest, is the 2022 way of embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle. Second-hand also solves the delays and shortages still prevalent because of supply chain issues. Repurposing old or damaged furniture, says Vogue, is a nod to sustainability and can reduce our footprint. Just hope Aunt Sally hasn’t already cleaned out her attic.

A trend that imparts a vintage look is textured wall finishes and limewashing. Better Homes and Gardens and other design publications say limewashing interior walls or adding paint finishes that mimic plaster can impart a comfortable old-world aura.


Make it Multi-Functional


Designs for indoor spaces may see changes in 2022. House Beautiful believes people, facing yet another period of pandemic confinement, will look for more versatility in their rooms like dining rooms, with book-lined walls, that double as meeting spaces.

Is the open-concept floor plan on the way out? Not according to Architectural Digest which, last March, detailed the reasons open floor plans are here to stay. Citing improved traffic flow, maximum use of square footage and the availability of shared light, designers believe open concept still works best. To satisfy needs for extra space, they look to adding plus or amenity rooms for designated activities like exercise or work. Good Housekeeping also expects to see more private spaces and task-specific rooms like a homework room or mini-corporate office.


Think Outside the House


Enhanced outdoor living spaces with upgraded furniture are ahead this year. “In 2022, outdoor living spaces will continue to be top of mind and designed to feel like guests are on vacation and in the resort of their dreams,” said Bloomingdale designer Kelley Carter in Real Simple magazine. Good Housekeeping’s prediction calls for intentional outdoor spaces that expand living and entertaining space. NAR agrees “Homeowners are sprucing up their outdoor spaces and making them an extension of their home. They’re adding outdoor living rooms with televisions and fireplaces as well as high-end pools.” 


It’s All About YOU


“Home design is getting more personal,” says NAR. Everyone has their own design and decorating style, so embrace what is comfortable, pleasing and practical for you. Remember, while trends will forever change, style is forever.