February 2022 Membership Report

February 2022 Membership Report

Statewide Membership

Strong growth continued in February of 2022 with statewide membership currently at 18,969¹, which is up 1,369 members, a 7.78% increase since the end of February last year. 


Local Membership

Alabama REALTORS® saw a steady increase in membership this month due to growth at 19 out of 24 boards, with double-digit growth at six of those boards.


Large Boards

  • Baldwin County Association: 11.28%
  • Huntsville Area Association: 10.24%
  • Montgomery Area Association: 9.54%
  • Birmingham Area Association: 7.37%
  • Mobile Area Association: 6.55%

Medium Boards

  • Wiregrass Board:  11.40%
  • East Alabama Board: 10.90%
  • Calhoun County Area Board: 10.76%
  • Walker Area Association: 9.33%
  • Tuscaloosa Association: 8.04%
  • Southeast Alabama Association:  7.34%
  • Lee County Association: 7.34%
  • Athens-Limestone Association: 5.68%
  • Cullman Association: 5.26%
  • Lake Martin Area Association: 3.59%
  • Morgan County Association: 1.25%
  • Shoals Area Association: 1.17%

Small Boards

  • Covington Association: 13.51%
  • Eufaula Board: 6.38%

National Membership

According to the NAR Membership Report², NAR has a total of 1,522,801 members, which is an addition of 74,711 members, for a 5.16% increase from the end of February 2021. For states in the medium category, Alabama had the second-highest year-over-year membership growth for a total of 7.92% and is ranked fifth among all states for year-over-year membership growth.


¹Alabama Membership Report includes REALTOR®, REALTOR® ASSOCIATES, Institute Affiliates, Affiliates, and Non-Member Salesperson memberships. 

²Membership numbers are taken from NAR’s Monthly Membership Report and include REALTOR® and REALTOR® ASSOCIATES only.