AREC – June Meeting Update

AREC – June Meeting Update

Commissioners with the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC) met in Montgomery on June 23, 2022, for their monthly meeting. All commissioners except Randy McKinney were present. The agenda included the typical director’s report and hearings, as well as more occasional items such as the approval of two rule proposals.


Licensees – New Member Growth and Renewals

New members continue to join the profession at high rates. The daily rate for May was down slightly from April at 9.6 new licenses issued per day. These license issuances do not include license renewals, which have started to trickle into the Commission. This year is a renewal year, so the Commission expects renewals to ramp up after July 4th.


Proposed Rule Amendments

Two rule amendments received favorable votes from commissioners. The body voted to certify to the Legislative Services Agency (LSA) an amendment to 790-x-1-.03, which was previously discussed in the March and May articles. Certification to LSA is one of the final steps in the rule-making process. The amendment seeks to clarify the rules on transactions involving and managing of agent-owned properties. Commissioners made two small changes to the amendment based on written comments received. You can view the amendment without the changes here.

A second amendment was approved to be filed with LSA, an initial step in the rule-making process. The amendment to 790-x-1-.07 deals with qualifications for pre-license and post-license instructors. While the amendment is not yet available for review, AREC staff explained that the amendment is intended to create a way for AREC to give constructive feedback to applicants and deny applicants whose teaching skills need improving. Once it is filed, the proposed amendment will be available to view at the Alabama Administrative Monthly website here.



The hearing docket was limited at the meeting, with several continuations. Commissioners rendered decisions on five complaints and one application for the determination of licensing eligibility. Four of the complaints were based on payments returned due to insufficient funds or a bad check.


Next Meetings

The next commission meetings are scheduled for July 21 and August 18, both to be held in Montgomery at 9 am.