2022 General Election Results Recap

2022 General Election Results Recap

With the 2022 general election cycle now complete, here is a look at the state’s election results. The Alabama Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (ARPAC) engaged in 159 races in the general election across the state, winning 157 of those races for a 99% success rate. Mirroring AAR’s advocacy policies, ARPAC endorsed candidates with a strong commitment to home ownership, private property rights, and economic growth and development.

Overall, unofficial voter turnout in Alabama was relatively low at around 38.5%, which was expected for a mid-term election. The presence of Libertarian candidates in a number of races for the first time in several decades ultimately was not a factor. At the top of the ballot, the Republican candidates were successful in each statewide race. Governor Kay Ivey (R) won reelection with 67% of the vote; Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth (R), Treasurer Young Boozer (R), Auditor Andrew Sorrell (R), and Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate (R) were the highest vote getters in contested statewide races with each winning 84% of the vote respectively. Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) won with 68% of the vote. Greg Cook (R) won the race for Alabama Supreme Court Place 5 with 67% of the vote. Wes Allen (R) won the race for Secretary of State with just under 67% of the vote. In federal races, Katie Britt (R) won with 66% of the vote to become the first female elected by Alabama to the U.S. Senate, and in the race for the Alabama 5th Congressional District, Republican Dale Strong (R) won by 67% against both a Democrat and Libertarian candidate.

In the state legislative races, the balance of power between the parties stayed the same with each party flipping one seat in the House and the Senate staying the same. With changed demographics from 2020 redistricting, several races were closely watched, including the two flipped seats. In north Alabama, in Senate District 2, Senator Tom Butler (R) held off challenger Kimberly Lewis (D) and in Senate District 7, Senator Sam Givhan (R) defeated challenger Korey Wilson (D). In central Alabama, in House District 32, Representative Barbarra Boyd (D) defeated challenger Evan Jackson (R) with 56% of the vote; in House District 69, Representative Kelvin Lawrence (D) defeated challenger Karla Maddox (R) with 55% of the vote; in House District 82, Representative Pebblin Warren (D) defeated challenger Lennora Pierrot (R) with 71% of the vote; and in House District 74, Representative Charlotte Meadows (R) was defeated by Phillip Ensler (D). In the Wiregrass, in House District 85, three-term incumbent Representative Dexter Grimsley (D) was defeated by Republican Rick Rehm (R). In south Alabama, in House District 68, Representative Thomas Jackson (D) defeated challenger Fred Kelley (R) with 51% of the vote and in Senate District 33, Senator Vivian Figures (D) defeated challenger Pete Riehm (R) with 67% of the vote.   

All of the statewide constitutional amendments on the ballot passed.

Thank you to all of our members who voted and considered ARPAC endorsed candidates this election cycle!