Danny Fordham Receives 2022 Above and Beyond Award

Danny Fordham Receives 2022 Above and Beyond Award

Danny Fordham’s efforts and contributions to the real estate industry can be described in two words: service and humility. Which is why it did not come as a surprise to many when he was recognized as the 2022 Above and Beyond Award recipient at the Alabama REALTORS® Annual Conference in October. 

The Above and Beyond Award recognizes extraordinary efforts of a member who has devoted countless hours unselfishly on an issue or project for the overall good of the Association and its members. Eligible candidates have gone above and beyond regular volunteer efforts by successfully handling an unusual association project, issue, or challenge.

Fordham was surprised and honored when his name was called as the recipient of the award. “I was totally blown away. I’d have to say it’s the greatest award of my life.”

Fordham is no stranger to hard work and passion, having completed a 20-year career in the furniture business before moving on to another ongoing 20-year career in real estate. Those that know him describe him as a kind, humble leader whose charisma and character leaves a lasting impact.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Alabama Association of REALTORS® joined by the Georgia Association of REALTORS®, National Association of REALTORS®, and an unsung hero challenged the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Eviction Moratorium in the United States Supreme Court. That unsung hero was Danny Fordham, who lent his good name and the good name of his business to the fight for the greater good. 

He stepped forward and devoted almost 18 months of his time and energy to advocate for private property rights and to fight the federal government on behalf of not just 19,000 members in Alabama, but those in Georgia and 1.5 million members across the country. He engaged with lawyers in Montgomery and Washington D.C. almost weekly to advance private property rights. He endured months of deeply personal scrutiny by the media and other groups. During these moments of doubt, setbacks, and challenges, his commitment never wavered, and his flag never faltered.

Initially, Fordham got his start in real estate thanks to an interest in rental properties. At the peak of his real estate career, he owned or managed 125 units. During low points in the economy and the housing market, rental properties were his livelihood. He claims survival is what kept him motivated to fight for change. “I was motivated to do this not only to help myself, but to help all of the other REALTORS® in the country that were in the same shape that I was in. 60% of rental properties in the country are owned by Mom-and-Pop owners like myself.”

Thanks to his willingness to step forward and lead, at great personal sacrifice, the Association was able to protect private property rights at the United States Supreme Court and create legal precedent for real estate professionals and property owners across the country.