Association Partners: Dues Billing Process Feedback Requested & Updates

Association Partners: Dues Billing Process Feedback Requested & Updates

Dear Association Partners and Dues Bill Officers,    

Thank you for everyone’s hard work and efforts as we close out the 2023 dues billing season! We are encouraged by the strong membership numbers to start the year in spite of the recent economic uncertainty and housing correction we are experiencing.    

Every year brings challenges in the dues collection process whether due to technology, changes in technology platforms, or requests from members. We have all done our best to continue to work together to be sure members are given appropriate credit for their membership dues payments and ARPAC contributions. Changes to the status of affiliate members have gone well. Thank you!  

1. As we look forward beyond this dues billing cycle, the future is likely more automation and standardization of the way we enter member data and information into shared platforms and databases. We’d like to begin dialogue on ways you believe the process can be improved in the future.    

What can we improve to make the dues billing process more efficient and easier for you? What can we improve to make member data entry more uniform?    

Please consider those questions and provide your feedback by next week on Friday April 7 while these issues are at the forefront.    

2. One issue we have encountered this 2023 Dues billing cycle is AAR has received and processed multiple payments through Ecommerce for Associations in the AE’s name. This can result in the member not receiving the appropriate credit for his or her dues payments and/or ARPAC contributions.    

Our staff has worked with many associations on this and been able to resolve these issues successfully. Most are willing to work cooperatively on behalf of the member to help address these issues.    

As a reminder, AAR has two acceptable means of submission of Member’s dues – (1) By EFT which requires the Transmittal Report to accompany the transfer; and (2) By Ecommerce which requires that the real Member’s name and NRDS number be associated with the payment.  EFT Transmittal Report and Ecommerce are the only reports AAR will accept.      

Any Dues and/or ARPAC payments submitted through Ecommerce in the AE’s name will be returned.  Those payments will need to be resubmitted with the proper member name and NRDS number.  To resubmit the local association must return the funds by making an Electronic Funds Transfer and sending AAR a Transmittal Report with the member’s correct name and NRDS number or, if your AMS has the ability, resubmitted the funds for the members using the Ecommerce.  

Thank you for all your hard work during the dues season!  If you have any questions or need any assistance on this, please reach out to Melissa Williams or Missy Crouch.