Capitol News and Notes – Week 4 – Spring Break and a Look Ahead

Capitol News and Notes – Week 4 – Spring Break and a Look Ahead

The fourth week of the 2023 Legislative Session saw the legislators out for Spring Break last week. Although no new bills could be filed, the week saw a lot of catch-up work from the many bills filed and other activities in week 3. This week, the Legislature returned today and plans to work three legislative days. Continue reading for a brief summary of what is expected.


Bill Filings the Priority – Incentives Bills Coming

Expectations are that we will see many bills filed this week as lawmakers return on a wide range of topics. Foremost of these will be a package of economic incentives bills that will renew and update the state’s economic incentives to attract new industries and expand existing industries. The economic incentive bills will be organized into four bills. 

The first bill, the Enhancing Alabama’s Economic Progress Act will renew the Alabama Jobs Act and the Growing Alabama program and extend their sunset dates to 2028 while adding strategic enhancements to increase their effectiveness. The Jobs Act is the state’s primary incentives platform while Growing Alabama primarily speeds development of shovel-ready sites. 

The second bill, the Site Evaluation and Economic Development Strategy Act (SEEDS) will allow the State Industrial Development Authority to accelerate the development of industry-ready sites at a time when available sites are scarce and other states are expanding their site programs.

The third bill, the Innovation and Small Business Act aims to supercharge growth in Alabama’s innovation economy and support underrepresented businesses and enterprises in rural areas, transforming the state into a hub for technology and innovation.

The fourth bill, the Enhancing Transparency Act Enhancing will amend the Jobs Act to require the Alabama Department of Commerce to publish certain incentivized project information on its web site. Transparency around important information related to companies receiving incentives will serve a valid public service and increase confidence in the process.

The Alabama REALTORS® will be part of a broad coalition of business groups advocating for the passage of these important economic incentive bills this legislative session. 

We will report back next week on all the action.