4 Safety Tips for Alabama Homeowners and Potential Buyers

4 Safety Tips for Alabama Homeowners and Potential Buyers

1. Buy in a Safe Location

Safe Wise released a study this year combatting property crime rates by dissecting fear vs. reality. In this study, they named the top 20 safest cities in Alabama. Alabama REALTORS® throughout the state provide geographic expertise in these cities to help buyers find a home they will feel comfortable in.

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2. Don’t Get Lazy with Home Security

The National Association of Realtors® conducted a survey post-COVID to analyze the impact on home security. While 42% of homeowners reported concerns over their home security, there were an increasing number of bad habits formed during the pandemic that has caused a lack of safety precautions in the last year. There are a number of measures homeowners can take while at home or away:

  • Leaving windows and doors closed and locked
  • Ask your neighbors to check up on your property
  • Leaving a light on
  • Refrain from posting locations on social media
  • Install and monitor smart-home technology features like an alarm, doorbell camera, etc


3. Know Your Neighbors

Community is an essential part of home safety and comfort. Tracey Hawkins, a safety and security expert with the National Association of Realtors® stated:

“Many people don’t really know their neighbors; it’s more than just saying hi and being friendly. Invite them over to see your home … Then they’ll know who is and isn’t supposed to be at your home and can better assess when there may be a threat while you’re gone.”

Not only does getting to know your neighbors provide them with familiarity about who should and should not be lurking around your home, but it also creates a sense of comradery within neighborhoods, encouraging homeowners to maintain their surroundings for the good of others. A well-kept space does many things to keep your home safe. The Center for Public Safety Initiatives provided thorough research on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design stating, “It lets others know that the property is subject to constant traffic and use and that a well-maintained property means other deterrents will be immediately visible.”


4. Start with an Expert

Alabama REALTORS® can provide expertise in all areas of home security and community safety. For first-time homeowners, transplants, and even experienced investors, a representative is important for staying up to date with the most recent data points for your areas of interest. They can also get you connected to the best information and resources for keeping your home secure and finding a safe location.


Source: 4 Safety Tips for Alabama Homeowners and Potential Buyers Yellowhammer News (June 28, 2023) Alabama REALTORS®