5 Tips to Successfully Market a New Listing

5 Tips to Successfully Market a New Listing

A new listing agreement is signed and – because of a couple of unusual market years – your client expects immediate showings and multiple offers. You, of course, know that preparation and planning are keys to effective marketing of a new listing. The trick is to tap into the marketing tools that allow you to achieve both the immediacy your client wants and the marketing plan you need. Here are a few tips for marketing your newest listings.


Tease It

As soon as the ink on the agreement is dry, take a high-quality photo of the property’s best exterior view and post a “coming soon” teaser on social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. Teasers generate interest among buyers and their agents so tease the home’s best features: location, schools, design, etc.


Stage It to Sell

Whether investing in traditional staging or harnessing technology for virtual staging, make sure to present your new listing at its best. Especially if the property is vacant, staging creates the right atmosphere for potential buyers to have the all-important vision of themselves living there.

Not every client can afford the time or money to professionally stage a home, but virtual staging can be quick and cost effective. A National Association of REALTORS® study showed that staged homes get more attention leading to faster sales and higher offers. If you’re working to get your listing up fast, virtual staging can be done in as little as 24 hours with no heavy lifting or painting required. 


Pop for the Pretty Photos

Pictures are everything in an online-driven real estate market. Here’s where an investment in a talented real estate photographer pays off. One photo can make the difference between a click to see more or moving on to the next listing.

Since almost every buyer first views properties online, don’t miss the opportunity to make your listing a video star. A well-done video allows buyers to feel as if they’ve walked through the property from wherever they are. The key is selecting a professional videographer to capture and edit the best shots and then make the video a prominent part of your marketing.  

Armed with great photos and an enticing video, consider creating a stand-alone or single property website or landing page for your listing. A website allows you to include a floor plan, 3-D tour, video, map, and details about amenities and other neighborhood assets.


Get Social

Social media spaces like Instagram and Facebook bring listings to life in moments. REALTORS® find that showcasing a new listing on their business and personal accounts spurs potential buyers and other agents to action. Especially if you focus on certain neighborhoods or areas, tap into Facebook groups specific to those areas. House hunters will likely be scouring those groups for leads.

Instagram offers an effective platform for sharing videos, photos, and updates on a new listing. If you’re not camera shy, consider a carefully recorded video walk through highlighting the listing’s finest features.  Considering buyers’ concerns about hurricanes, one coastal REALTOR® featured a short interview with a home inspector about the benefits of the listing’s “Gold Fortified” certified roof.  


Tap Into Your Network

You’ve developed a network of real estate colleagues, so give your network a sneak peek at your photos and videos before your listing goes active. Chances are someone in your circle will have a client looking for a listing much like yours. With a bit of research, you can make a list of agents for buyers and sellers of homes sold in the neighborhood in the past six months. Send them a special invitation to see your new listing. 

Every listing is unique and your marketing plan will be as well. Use these tips to add spark to your quest for a successful sale.