An Easy Instagram Hack to Grow Your Real Estate Business

An Easy Instagram Hack to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Instagram has become a powerful platform for real estate agents and brokers to market themselves and connect with potential clients.

While it may seem like a gold rush for many in the real estate industry, it’s important to note that simply being on Instagram and collecting likes is not enough to grow your business effectively. Success on Instagram requires understanding that it is a numbers game–having more content is key. More specifically, these social media platforms (not just Instagram) make money when people stay on them longer, meaning creators must showcase watch-worthy content.

That is tough for many of us. Why?

As real estate professionals, we already wear several unofficial hats. Were often navigating the many needs of our clients as we help them find or sell their home. We are contract coordinators, marriage counselors, chief negotiators, chauffeurs, daycare aides, referees, dog walkers, interior designers, a generic “Angie’s list” maker and so much more.

“Content creator” isn’t a title we thought we’d add to our list. And let’s be honest, most of us simply don’t have the hours that go into creating original content like the self-proclaimed “

I have a hack for you that brings a sigh of relief, especially from agents who operate as solopreneurs, every time I teach it.

Here’s that quintessential shortcut: Instagram authorizes you to re-purpose the platform’s best, most engaged content. Why would they do that? Essentially, they want other people to jump what’s trending. So if a song or video or dance is trending on their platform, they want as many people as possible using that trend in their own content. Like it was mentioned earlier, more people using the app and watching means more money for them. It’s also a win for you though, because it means more eyeballs on your content as well. When you win on Instagram, Instagram wins.

So let’s go over some of the basics of re-using trending content on Instagram:

  • Instagram aggregates trending videos, songs, memes and more, and then presents them to you in the app so that you can repurpose them.
  • The platform has specific requirements when it comes to repurposing and reusing trending content, so make sure you understand the rules.
  • Using trending content as a part of your marketing plan on Instagram can broaden your reach and bring new followers to you.

So how do you do this? Here’s a demo that shows you exactly how this works. The demo covers the various ways existing content can be reused and Instagram’s specific rules around resuse.


If you’re considering joining or becoming active on Instagram to generate leads for your real estate sales business, it’s not too late. However, it’s essential to go beyond vanity metrics and implement effective marketing strategies tailored to the platform. By leveraging the platform’s features to reuse content, you can maximize your chances of turning Instagram into a valuable tool for your real estate business. You’ve got this!


Source: An Easy Instagram Hack to Grow Your Real Estate Business Young Professionals Network by National Association of REALTORS® (July 20, 2023) Lee Davenport, PH.D