The Impact of Relationships in Real Estate

The Impact of Relationships in Real Estate

River Region REALTOR® Hayden Hudson learned the value of relationships in real estate literally at her mother’s knee.  Dell Hudson was Hayden’s mother and so much more – her mentor, her broker, her advisor, her friend.  Dell, who passed away a few short weeks ago, was Hudson’s most important and formative real estate relationship.  For more than 20 years they worked side by side at Legacy Homes Realty, Inc. and Builder New Homes, Inc. developing not only subdivisions but mutually beneficial relationships with clients, builders, lenders, closers and vendors.

Hudson is now broker/owner of Legacy Homes Realty, Inc. and Builder New Homes, Inc. and her trademark is relationships.  “I am not a ‘one-and-done’ with my clients.  I build relationships for a lifetime.  I want to sell them their first house and sell it again later.  I want to sell a home to their children.”   She has done just that for numerous families citing one family that loved the houses she showed them so much that they wound up buying the entire cul-de-sac, so they could live near one another. She went on to sell their children homes years later.


Going the Extra Mile for Clients

Hudson’s clients know they can count on her long after their closing.  A client recently discovered a massive water leak and turned to her for help.  When she couldn’t get a plumber out immediately, Hudson enlisted her husband to help.  They were able to shut down the water until a plumber could arrive the next morning.  “If someone needs me no matter the time, I’m available,” she said.  “If I can’t get someone out there, I’ll go myself.”

One client relationship brought Hudson to help a family recover from tragedy.  She recalled a horrific event involving a client’s family where the mother, father, and a daughter lost their lives and their home.  Hudson leaped into action to find a new home for the surviving children and their grandparents.  She went the extra mile and spearheaded an effort to get the family settled into a new home with donated furnishings for the children, helped organize a fund raiser, and arranged for legal services. She later helped the grandparents purchase, rent and sell an additional home.


Professional Relationships

Hudson is quick to point out that it’s important to have good relationships with other REALTORS® as well.  “I’ve found that, when it comes down to multi-offer situations, your relationship with other REALTORS® is a factor.  When your colleagues trust you to bring an offer that will lead to a seamless closing, that matters,” she explained.  “REALTORS® know that I don’t give up when there’s a hiccup. There is no problem that can’t be solved.  They also know that I’ll be there to help them when they have an issue.  By the same token, I have REALTORS® who I  respect who help me as well.”  A Post-It note on her desk has a handwritten Zig Zeigler quote, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you.  But if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

“Subcontractor relationships are vital, too,” said Hudson.  “All of them.  They play a huge role in helping me maintain relationships with clients.”  Also important are her relationships with developers, builders, and lenders.  “I graduated from high school early -- before I was old enough to get my real estate license at age 19.  I went to work for my uncle as a loan processor to learn the mortgage side until I was 19.   That was valuable experience and that knowledge helped me build relationships with lenders.  All of my builders and lenders are like family.”


Expanding Your Network

“That should fall into place naturally,” said Hudson.  “It’s more about building friendships.” She advises REALTORS® to treat people with respect and don’t burn bridges.  Treat everyone as if you’re going to do business with them again.”

Hudson also has been active in her local association, the Montgomery Area Association of REALTORS®, as well as serving on the board of the Alabama Association of REALTORS®.  A relationship with a REALTOR® colleague, former AAR President Mugs Mullins, led her to serve on the local and state board.


Relationships Build Legacies

More than building a business, Hudson says she is here to build a legacy.  “I started with my mother and I hope to pass this on to my children.  Relationships contribute to my success so that I can pick up the phone to help a client.  It’s about the community, my buyers, and my sellers.  I’m not just building relationships.  I’m building a legacy to last a lifetime.”