Hot Fall Home Trends

Hot Fall Home Trends

Just when you thought the word “hot” was banished until next summer, fall home design trends are heating up the home design and remodeling scenes. From painted ceilings and the resurgence of wallpaper to sparkling garage finishes, Americans are redesigning and rethinking the spaces they call home. Here are the hottest fall home trends for 2023.


Ceilings and Floors

From top to bottom, home design trends are embracing change. Smooth white ceilings – long the staple in most every home – are getting a fresh look with hues that contrast or coordinate with adjoining walls. Think light sage walls with a deeper sage ceiling or a contrasting shade for a dramatic effect.  The aim is to draw the eye upward for dramatic effect or to make a room appear more spacious or cozy through color.  Texture also is making a comeback with tongue and groove planked ceilings.


Flooring – now more than just a choice between carpet and hardwoods – offers a wide array of both materials, colors, and installation patterns. “Floors aren't taking the backseat these days,” according to Better Homes & Gardens. Engineered wood products, especially in humid areas, and lighter colors like white oak and walnut are trending. Ceramic tile, stone, and concrete offer custom installation options that add bold style to a home’s foundation décor.  Large format tile and stone are popular statement looks that can continue from the floors to kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls for a luxurious look.


Not So Basic Kitchens

Question:  Who says all kitchens have to be stainless steel and granite?  Answer:  No one who believes their kitchen is the heart of their home and should reflect their personality.  Perhaps nowhere else in the home is function more important but, for many, a kitchen should also be a fun place for cooking and socializing.  Why not have a kitchen that taps into personality to compliment function? 


Color is an excellent starting point to define a kitchen’s vibe.  Homes and Gardens recommends selecting kitchen cabinet colors you can live with for several years. Color schemes – especially those that involve cabinets, flooring, tiles, and appliances – are a commitment.  Look to a kitchen’s existing features for guidance in strategic use of color and texture.  If a bold color statement is intimidating, look for natural places to add color as an accent such as inside cabinets or as a floor element.  The kitchen also is a perfect place to add a pop of color to that fifth wall, the ceiling.


Countertops can reflect personal style as well. Showy natural stone with exaggerated marbling may be the perfect accent for a jewel toned wall color. Other natural stone countertop materials like travertine, marble, exotic slabs of granite, soapstone, limestone, and other natural materials are contenders to complement a walk on the kitchen wild side


Goodbye to Boring Bathrooms

A bath – especially the primary ensuite – is a very personal space that can easily be transformed to reflect mood and style using color. If a remodel is on the agenda, make the shower shine as the bathroom focal point.  Tile colors, patterns, and accents can transform a basic cubicle into an inviting chamber.  As with the kitchen, bold marble can be a statement wall in the shower or vanity areas.  Allow cabinets to compliment the shower and tub with colors and hardware. Designers say dark hues – even black – are hot trends in bathroom design.  From tubs and showers to countertops and sinks, black is the new white.


With all the emphasis on dark surfaces and fixtures, bathroom lighting gains importance.  Large pendant lights and decorative wall lights add glamour to the bath and enhance architectural features.  Dimmable vanity and accent lights are popular and allow the space to transform from a dressing room to a relaxing spa.


Wallpaper is Back

Every place you have read the words color, paint, pattern, or texture can be replaced with wallpaper this fall.  Wallpaper infuses color, pattern, and texture onto walls.  Whether on a bathroom or kitchen statement wall or a whole-room design, wallpaper can set an aesthetic of traditional, contemporary, avant-garde, cottage charm, or retro style.  Wallpaper designs also create faux finishes like paneling, wainscotting, and marble.


House Beautiful says, “Wavy stripes, 70s style, and wallpaper in unexpected places (from the ceiling to bookcases) are among the most popular wallpaper trends for 2023.”  If retro design is not your groove, consider large scale prints or tropicals and botanicals to make a more modern statement.  Large and loud is the maximalist antidote to spartan minimalism in home design.  Oversized florals and leaves bring the outdoors in and add dimension to rooms.


Look for wallpaper to pop up in unexpected places. Book shelves, cabinets, and stair facings all can benefit from a splash of wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper can even change a stainless-steel refrigerator/freezer into a work of art


Garages and Outdoor Kitchens

Better start cleaning out that garage.  The New York Times called finished garages “the final frontier in home renovation,” according to Garage Living. Surveys find homeowners increasingly interested in finishing their garages and creating upscale extensions of their living space. Upgrades include lighting, storage systems that take up less floor space, slatted wall storage instead of sheet rock, and high-end epoxy floor coatings.


Especially in areas with climates conducive to outdoor living, patio or outdoor kitchens and living spaces are popular home design trends. A survey by the American Institute of Architects found 45% of architects surveyed believed outdoor kitchens were the most desired home renovation projects. Beyond the barbecue grill and side burners, upscale outdoor kitchens feature built in sinks, refrigerators, ice makers, and cabinets


Don’t have enough yard space? Consider a rooftop deck with lounge chairs, tables and all the amenities of an outdoor living space.  A glass railing provides a safe environment with a view.



Color, pattern, and texture are hot exterior design trends, too. Siding, wood, stone, and brick can combine in patterns and layers that create depth and interest in the simplest of home designs.  Popular brick patterns are herringbone, basket weave, and chevron.


Windows and doors add both interest and function. Homeowners are requesting large windows that allow plenty of light and views as well as doors that create flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.


These hot autumn design trends will enhance your enjoyment of the crisp autumn days ahead.