Resourcing and Training Available for REALTORS® Through AAR

Resourcing and Training Available for REALTORS® Through AAR

The most valuable tool one can possess is information, and Alabama Association of REALTORS® makes information in the form of timely market data and expert analysis readily available to its members. Each month and annually the Alabama Association of REALTORS®, in partnership with their team of economists, produces a statistics summary known as the Alabama Economic and Real Estate Report.

This free resource offers concise real estate data and charts that allow REALTORS® to become experts on the marketing conditions in Alabama.

With the help of the Alabama Economic and Real Estate Report one can see real estate improvements and can incorporate market data through various ways including: impressing potential listing clients; educating sellers on market conditions affecting the pricing of their home and expectations for days on market; helping buyers make informed offers; and boosting your marketing strategies with downloadable graphics featuring up-to-date housing market data.

“I like to use the AAR report monthly to get a better idea of where the market is going,” said Stacie Lecroy, Owner and Real Estate Broker of The Talons Group in Auburn.

The numbers and figures provided in the Alabama Economic and Real Estate Report are drawn from numerous credible government and proprietary data sources that best represent the market at the time of release. Additionally, the report is reader friendly by providing analysis in layman’s terms with minimal industry jargon. This timely information can boost client's confidence in listing or buying as they learn what to expect in terms of price and potential offers.

There are helpful graphics provided to make the information easier to digest as well. Additionally, the Alabama Association of REALTORS® downloadable graphics in conjunction with the Alabama Economic and Real Estate Report enhances social media posts while engaging potential clients with relevant information about changes and improvements in sales prices, days on market, sales volume, and active listings.

The immediacy of being able to post this information is valuable. By adding market graphics to social media posts you can communicate quickly and effectively. Likewise, these graphics are easy to personalize with comments that show your clients that you are up-to-date on market conditions. The graphics are ideal for linking to a website for more information as well which provides an additional means of marketing.

One can find the Alabama Economic and Real Estate Report available just after the 20th of each month. As new data emerges Alabama Association of REALTORS® occasionally updates to provide the most up-to-date figures and most recent information. It’s most convenient to bookmark the link and set up a reminder of each release on a calendar. By taking time each month to download and read the report one can become empowered with knowledge that will benefit the real estate business.

After all, any tool is only effective if it’s used.


Source: Resourcing and Training Available for REALTORS® through AAR Yellowhammer News (October 4, 2023) Alabama REALTORS®