November 2023 Membership Report

November 2023 Membership Report

Statewide Membership

November has shown strong growth with statewide REALTOR® membership reaching 19,155, an increase of 512 members, a 2.75% increase since the end of November last year. 

Overall year-over-year growth, which previously included all affiliate members, experienced a slight decline in November of 2023, with a decrease of 359 members, representing a 1.82% decrease since the end of November last year. Despite this dip, membership remains steady at 19,413.

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Local Membership

Alabama REALTORS® is experiencing a steady increase in membership due to substantial growth at six out of twenty-three boards with double-digit growth at five of those boards. 


Medium Boards

  • Calhoun County Area Board: 8.65%
  • Cullman Association: 12.82%
  • Marshall County Board: 10.64%
  • Walker Area Association: 30.08%

Small Boards

  • Eufaula Board: 16.33%
  • Talladega Board: 33.33%
Membership Report   Medium & Small Boards (3)

National Membership

According to the NAR Membership Report, NAR has a total of 1,572,093 members. For states in the medium category, Alabama had the third highest year-over-year membership growth for a total of 0.65%.