The Alabama REALTORS® public policy team is on the ground advocating for REALTORS®, the real estate industry, and policy that strengthens the ability of Alabamians to own, buy and sell real property.
Alabama REALTORS®, first and foremost, monitors all developments for any legislative initiatives that would harm our members or their businesses. As an industry, this is one of the most important roles we play. As former President Calvin Coolidge said, “It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones.”
Here, you can learn more about the principles driving our mission. 
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Advocating for You

Protect Property Ownership

The U.S. and Alabama Constitutions recognize and protect the right to own property. Private property rights are a cornerstone of our nation’s foundation, central to an ongoing free-market economy, and a key part of the American Dream. Every citizen has the right to purchase and own safe, affordable housing, whether it is in an urban, suburban or rural setting.

Promote REALTORS® Role in Real Estate Transactions

The value of a knowledgeable, experienced and professional REALTOR® is critical to real estate transactions. We promote policies that maintain the role of REALTORS® as a central and valued part of real estate transactions. To enhance consumer confidence in the industry and set REALTORS® apart, we encourage adherence to high ethical and professional standards.

Govern Communities Sensibly

Communities flourish when governments follow common-sense guidelines, balancing various interests and promoting a high quality of life at a reasonable cost. We encourage broad-based taxation to support infrastructure that accommodates quality residential, commercial and industrial growth in an environmentally responsible manner.

Foster Economic Vitality

A strong, vibrant economy sustains the communities in which we live and work and stems from steady and strategic residential, commercial and industrial growth. Economic growth spurs new opportunities, creates jobs, increases the tax base and invigorates communities. Alabama REALTORS® promotes pro-business policies that attract new businesses and industries to Alabama and that foster the expansion of existing businesses and industries.

Embrace Community Values

We believe that leading a happy, healthy and productive life begins at home, impacting our interactions with family, friends and neighbors. Studies show that home ownership positively affects educational achievement, parenting behavior, civic participation, health and crime rates. We promote home ownership as a key component to safe and secure communities.
For REALTOR® members, click below to view the Alabama REALTORS® Public Policy Statements.