Missy Crouch

Member Engagement Specialist

The role of the Member Engagement Specialist is to maintain general communications with members and assist with membership and ARPAC. 

Anna Grace Gamble

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications manages a comprehensive communications program to promote the value of the Association and increase awareness with members and consumers. Directs and designs communications and public relations campaigns for all Association products, programs, and services. Serves as editor of all AAR publications, along with managing the website, media channels and publications communicating to internal and external audiences. Manages public relations activities to enhance the public image of REALTORS® and the real estate industry in Alabama.

Franklin Johnson

Senior Associate Counsel

The Senior Associate Counsel works with the Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel to develop and manage the Legal Affairs Program, as well as to provide legal guidance, briefings, and bulletins on external legal issues affecting the Association, membership, and the real estate industry. The Senior Associate Counsel assists in implementing legal and regulatory affairs strategies in furtherance of the REALTORS® Mission Statement, Code of Ethics, and strategic partnerships.

Jayme Kiszla

Associate Counsel

The Associate Counsel works with the Chief Executive Officer and the Senior Associate Counsel to provide legal guidance, education, and resources to membership and consumers on issues and questions related to the real estate profession, as well as helping manage the Association’s legal tools and providing answers to legal questions. The Associate Counsel assists in the implementation of programs and strategies in furtherance of the REALTORS® Mission Statement, Code of Ethics, and strategic partnerships.

Cyndi Lombardi

ARPAC & Association Services Manager

The role of the  ARPAC & Association Services Manager is to manage the records and contributions, produce tracking reports, and manage ARPAC distributions for local associations, as well as oversee and manage the Association services.

Justin Pack

Business & Member Services Manager

The Business and Member Services Manager oversees the general business operations, financial resources, and member services of the association. This person works with the CEO, affiliated staff, contractors, vendors, and leadership to manage the associations business operations and members services.

Madeline Roth

Events & Professional Development Manager

The Events and Professional Development Manager is responsible for planning and overseeing the Association’s events, including REALTOR® Day and Annual Conference, and professional development activities such as the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) program, At Home With Diversity, and other REALTOR® courses.

Jeremy S. Walker

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Walker serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Association. The CEO manages the affairs of the Association and advocacy efforts in state government in furtherance of the REALTORS® mission statement, code of ethics, and strategic partnerships.

Melissa Williams

Executive Programs Manager

The role of the Executive Programs Manager is to assist the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Association in the day-to-day operations of the Association, to coordinate with the various departments and entities of the organization in managing and executing their workflow, and to oversee adherence to and management of the governing policies of the Association.

Abby Wilson

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing manages a comprehensive marketing program to promote the value of the Association to members and increase awareness with consumers. Directs and designs advertising, marketing, and branding for all Association products, programs, events, and services to internal and external audiences. Assists in administering member service programs and in the distribution and dissemination of all communications materials, as well as managing the website. Manages the branding for the Association to position the organization as a professional, ethical, credible, and respectful organization to members and consumers.