The Alabama Association of REALTORS® has been protecting private property rights for the last 100 years. We’ll do it for the next 100, too.
As we celebrate the centennial of the Alabama Association of REALTORS®, we wanted to reflect on the past century of our organization — the work we’re doing, and the work we’ve done along the way throughout a century of history, progress, and promise. 
The history of the Alabama Association of REALTORS® is the history of the people of Alabama. Because we are the people of Alabama. We’re neighbors, family, and friends. We’re helping families and businesses find their place in the communities that we call home. 
Today, one hundred years on, the Alabama Association of REALTORS® continues working for the benefit of our members and the people in our communities who rely on us — to help them find real estate, and to protect their rights as property owners. We advocate for policies that support the interests of our members, that promote ethical practices and uphold the reputation of the real estate industry, and that protect our neighbors who trust us with their families and businesses.

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So, what's next? More.

More advocacy. More support. More lives changed. Because REALTORS® do touch lives. REALTORS® don’t just help clients buy, sell, and lease property — they help people find a foundation to get started in life, help families find room to grow, help businesses find space to flourish.