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Statewide Legal Forms

High quality real estate transaction and advisory forms created by
our team of attorneys using real feedback from brokers
and agents from across the state.


Alabama REALTORS® Legal Forms are developed by the AAR Legal Team in consultation with real estate professionals and attorneys from around the state to provide user-friendly, comprehensive, and dependable forms. The forms are regularly updated and are available for download and use statewide as a benefit to active members. Alabama real estate licensees and licensed Alabama real estate instructors who are not a member of the Association may purchase the complete set of legal forms annually. 

The video above provides an overview of what our newly updated 2024 forms have to offer.




If you are an active member, click below to access the 2024 Legal Forms Library page. You will be able to view a complete list of available statewide forms with descriptions and download the forms for free. You will be required to log in using your member credentials to enter the page.




If you are not a member, but currently hold an active Alabama real estate license, click below to access a preview page where you can view the form titles and descriptions. From there, you can purchase the complete set of statewide legal forms for $250. Upon purchase and license verification, you will receive online access to download the forms.



Licensed Alabama Real Estate Instructors have the opportunity to purchase the forms for training purposes only. Instructors can preview the forms by clicking the "2024 Legal Forms Preview" button above. Click the button below for the instructor purchase form.


These forms are also available for Alabama REALTORS® members on Remine, Brokermint, Dotloop, DocuSign, Form Simplicity, SkySlope, and Lone Wolf.


Already have an account with one of these document management providers? Directions for adding AAR’s Legal Forms to your account can be found below. Please click the appropriate button to access step-by-step instructional documents and videos. The instructions below were provided to us directly from those forms' partners. If you need instructions from a partner's website not listed below, please visit the partner's website directly.


If you have questions or suggestions on these or future legal forms, please submit your feedback to legalforms@alabamarealtors.com.