Make Easter a Stress-Free Affair with These Hosting Tips

Make Easter a Stress-Free Affair with These Hosting Tips

In many households around the world, there are two big dinners per year: Christmas and Easter. For just about everyone on that list, a big Easter meal is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. But hosting is a nuanced art form — you want to be sure that the dinner flows naturally and is enjoyable for all the guests. If this is the first Easter dinner that you have hosted for your family, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed.

From the guest list to the menu, from the Easter linens to activities for the kids, Easter dinner requires a lot of legwork. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that you can do ahead of time to prepare for the big day. These tips will help you to feel ready for the big dinner so that you can enjoy the beautiful meal with your loved ones.


5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Hosting Easter:

1. Make a Timeline
2. Keep the Guest List Manageable
3. Take Inventory of Necessities You Need to Borrow or Purchase
4. Iron Your Linens in Advance
5. Set the Table the Day Before


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Source: “8 Tips To Help You Prepare For Hosting (March 26, 2018) Alex Thatcher