Leadership Report

Leadership Report

Association News & Events:

  • Professionalism. A list of courses and professional development opportunities being offered across the state can be found here.
  • Code of Ethics. The deadline for every REALTOR® to complete Code of Ethics Training is December 31, 2018. Click here to sign up for the free or paid Code of Ethics training.
  • Leadership AAR 2018. Leadership AAR returned in 2018 with a newly re-designed curriculum aligning our Association’s mission with each session’s focus. More information can be found here.
  • Legal Helpdesk. Legal Helpdesk use has increased each month since its launch. Most weeks, new articles and information are published in AAR’s weekly e-newsletter “Real Estate Alabama”. You can also view previously published articles on the AAR website here.
  • Alabama Disaster Relief.
    • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training. Alabama REALTORS® has partnered with the Alabama Emergency Management Agency to offer CERT training June 13-14. (Pre-registration was required.) The Association may offer this program again in the fall due to overwhelming interest. More information about the program can be found here. To participate in future offerings, please click here.
    • Alabama Disaster Relief Fund. REALTORS® play a vital role in helping build communities. In times of natural and man-made disasters, REALTORS® can also play an important role in helping those communities rebuild and recover. More information about the Disaster Relief Fund, the Association’s 501(c) (3) charitable organization, can be found here.
  • NAR’s Mid Year Legislative Meetings:  Approximately 100 Alabama REALTORS® attended NAR’s Mid Year meetings in Washington, DC. An overview and photo log of Alabama related events can be found here. The NAR Board of Directors approved several significant proposals. An overview from NAR can be found here. Alabama’s Peyton Norville was announced as 94th recipient of NAR’s Distinguished Service Award (DSA). More information on Peyton’s achievement can be found here.

Public Policy: The 2018 Legislative session concluded March 28. The Public Policy Committee tracked and monitored all bills that would help or harm our members or their businesses, one of the most important roles our Association plays. We also advanced several proposals to further our members’ interests.

  • Alabama First-Time Home Buyers Savings Accounts (FHSA). Act 2018-467 creates tax-free savings accounts that first-time homebuyers can use toward the down payment and closing costs of a residence. NAR’s article about the program is  here. More information will come out later this year.
  • Alabama Assistance and Service Animal Integrity in Housing Act. Act 2018-235 helps combat the misrepresentation and undocumented presentation of pets as service and/or assistance animals. More information about passage of this bill can be found here and here
  • Right of Redemption Clarification. Act 2018-126 provides a technical amendment to the statutory redemption law to clarify certain timelines during and following the foreclosure process, to make clear certain notice requirements required by law. It does not change existing timelines in the current law.  More information on the passage of the bill can be found here.

2018 Elections and ARPAC:

  • State Elections and ARPAC Endorsements. Primary elections for all state constitutional, statewide, and legislative offices were held on Tuesday, June 5. To see the list of ARPAC-endorsed state primary election candidates, please click here.
  • Congressional Elections and NAR-Endorsed Candidates. For Alabama Congressional races, NAR supported all of the incumbents. (1st Congressional District – Bradley Byrne; 2nd Congressional District – Martha Roby; 3rd Congressional District – Mike Rogers; 4th Congressional District – Robert Aderhold; 5th Congressional District – Mo Brooks; 6th Congressional District – Gary Palmer; and 7th Congressional District – Terri Sewell.) The release can be found here.
  • Primary Run Off Elections on Tuesday July 17! Several important races will be on the ballot.
  • ARPAC Fundraising. ARPAC fundraising and investments are off to a great start this year. As of May 31, 2018, total state fundraising stands at $523,201 or 87% of our annual goal.

Association Financials and Assets:

  • Membership. Membership numbers have surpassed 15,000. As of May 31, 2018, we have 15,277 members.
  • Audited Net Assets. The preliminary 2017 audit report has been completed. At the end of 2017, the general fund had a surplus of $643,776, approximately 6.4 months of operating expenses. In 2017 we had an increase in net assets of approximately $438,375, bringing our total net assets to $6,615,312.
  • Building. Waterproofing of the exterior of the building has been completed, which included a new coat of waterproofing paint on the building that has given it a fresh and clean appearance. We have one leak source to address before we can move on to completing repairs on the interior finishes.

2018: What’s ahead?

Alabama Primary Run Off Elections: July 17.
NAR Leadership Summit: August 5-7 in Chicago, IL.
AAR Public Policy Forum: August 21-22 in Montgomery, AL.
AAR Annual Meeting: October 14-15 in Montgomery, AL.
Alabama NAR Core Standards Deadline: November 1.
NAR Annual Convention: November 2-5 in Boston, MA.
Alabama General Election: Tuesday, November 6.
NAR Code of Ethics Deadline: December 31.