Home Color Schemes With Staying Power For The Year Ahead

Home Color Schemes With Staying Power For The Year Ahead

Choose Home Color Scheme That You Won’t Bore You in Six Months

Summer is a great time to begin to look at your home from new angles. Changing up the color palette in the rooms of your home will reinvigorate your spaces and help you to realize new potential everywhere. When looking for the best colors for your home this year, choose shades that make you happy and that are versatile enough to make it through the ever-changing moods of the year.

As you choose your home’s color schemes, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Think about how different rooms in your house flow together, and base your color schemes so that adjacent rooms coordinate well with each other. Choose three or four core colors, and then base your interior design plans around that palette in each room. You can emphasize each different color in different rooms so that your home doesn’t feel monotonous.


Streamline Your Home’s Aesthetic With a Thoughtful Color Palette

Choosing a whole home color palette can make your house feel more streamlined, less cluttered, and all together more aesthetically appealing. A whole home color palette will also help to give you a plan for when it comes to uniquely decorating each room in the house.

Once you get started with home décor, you’ll realize just how much inspiration you can gain from creating a set of color limitations around the home. The following whole home color palettes should get you excited to introduce a new, unified color scheme to your home.


Sea Foam Neutral With a Coral Pop

2018 is all about finding clarity and peace in chaotic or stressful places, and this can apply to the home, too. Behr paint’s 2018 color of the year, called “In the Moment,” is a tranquil blue that functions as both a neutral and a pop of sea glass-inspired color. Turn your home into a sanctuary with this easy sage blue on the walls. Incorporate a pop of color in smaller details with shades like coral or persimmon. Combine this neutral blue with light, sandy shades in other rooms so that your home doesn’t start to feel like it’s drowning in blue.

Sage blue, persimmon red, and shades of honey gold work well as a starting point for your color scheme. Both pleasing and inspired by nature, they won’t feel overwhelming or boring if you use them in different ways throughout your home. This color scheme will feel light and airy in the summer and is versatile enough to transition into the cooler months.

(Photo Courtesy of Behr.com)


Adventurous Purple With Rich Neutrals

Pantone named Ultra Violet the color of the year, and it’s easy to see how this powerful color will work well in the home. Use it for an accent wall and for sumptuous accessories, but be wary when applying it to multiple walls at a time, as it can be dark and overwhelming to the eye.

Because purple is such a powerful hue, choose harmonious colors to complete your color scheme — this means colors that live alongside it in the color wheel. If you want to incorporate other bright hues into your palette, go for pinks and blues that will naturally coordinate with purple. For your neutrals, go for darker and richer shades, like mahogany and warm cream tones.


Berry Inspired Hues and Woody Neutrals

Berry tones feel both jewel-like and natural. They bridge the gap between natural hues and statement-making colors. Because of this, you can use berry tones like strawberry-red and raspberry pink on the walls and as accessories like couch pillows and throws. Berry tones will bring warmth and vitality into your home while remaining relatively minimal in nature.

Berry reds, blue, and purples pair well with dark woods. Lighten up your berry-inspired home with sand or cream-colored rugs, and don’t be afraid to go rich with your neutrals.


Why the Whole Home Color Palette Is Right for You

Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of choosing one color scheme for your whole home. Once you’ve chosen between three and five colors, you’ll realize that the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to curating a home design with thoughtful limitations. Remember: colors that pop in one room can act as neutrals in a different room.

When your home flows from room to room, you’ll realize an aspect of simplicity and beauty in the way that the different colors interact with each other. Get ready to feel even more at home when you try a brand new paint scheme throughout each room.