6 of the Most Space-Efficient Kitchen Layouts

6 of the Most Space-Efficient Kitchen Layouts

The kitchen is often regarded as the most important room in the house, and for good reason. When designed and specified well, it forms the beating heart of a home, a place where daily rituals of cooking and eating are combined with good conversation and family bonding. For architects, kitchen layouts are therefore crucial to get right, and many studies have been undertaken to discover the perfect design solution for this key space.

Kitchen Cabinet Kings and Tile Bar teamed up to help produce the following infographic, which outlines six options designed to make the most of different residential spaces. Four of the six kitchen layouts are based around the “work triangle” principle, which states that there should be a short, unobstructed path between three key appliances: The fridgeoven/hob, and sink. The other two linear options are ideal for compact kitchens where space comes at a premium. Note also the optimal position of the dishwasher in each case.

As you design the kitchen layouts for your next project, keep these diagrams handy:


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Source: "6 of the Most Space-Efficient Kitchen Layouts" Architizer Journal