In Danger? Your REALTOR® Lapel Pin Can Help

In Danger? Your REALTOR® Lapel Pin Can Help

Your REALTOR® pin lets consumers know you’re a professional who subscribes to a code of ethics. But it can also be transformed into a secret way to let a dispatcher know you’re in trouble.

ConnectNow, one of NAR’s REach partner companies, offers a geoconnected version of the pin that doubles as a panic button. Stephanie Sullivan, CEO of the company, talked about the pin at NAR’s Data Strategies Committee on the first day of the 2018 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Boston Thursday.

Geoconnected safety devices disguised as pins or other jewelry aren’t new, but the NAR pin offers a novel variation on it by doubling as a heads-up for consumers that you’re a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. ConnectNow also offers what Sullivan calls a presence indicator that lets brokers know which agents are available in real time so they can send the agents leads that come in on their website. That way, consumers can get a response to their questions immediately.

Connect Now wasn’t the only REach company on hand with a technology product to help NAR members. David Michonski, CEO of Quigler, a transaction management platform, also offered a thumbnail sketch of their product to the Data Strategies Committee. Quigler’s app builds in a way for agents, as they move through the transaction process, to stay in compliance simultaneously with the NAR Code of Ethics and applicable state and federal laws.

REach companies are those selected by NAR’s venture capital affiliate, Second Century Ventures, to spend a year with real estate industry leaders and practitioners learning about the needs of agents and brokers so they can make their products and services as useful as possible. Eight REach companies will be showcasing their industry tools to REALTORS® on Friday at 11 a.m. at the Boston Convention Center.

Source: "In Danger? Your Lapel Pin Can Help" REALTOR Magazine (November 1, 2018) Robert Freedman