What are the safest cities in Alabama?

What are the safest cities in Alabama?

Home of the Crimson Tide and a cornerstone of the Civil Rights movement, Sweet Home Alabama crime rates can vary enormously from one community to the next.

The average state crime ratings are:

State of Alabama – Average Violent Crimes

(per 100,000 residents)

State Average Property Crimes -Alabama

(per 100,000 residents)

However, averages can be rather misleading.  While there are a number of areas with relatively  high crime rates, such as Birmingham,  (which didn’t submit figures to the FBI in this report) Mobile, Huntsville, and Montgomery-  there are a number of communities in Alabama with outstanding reputations for low crime rates.

Alabama’s safest communities are well below these numbers.

6 of our 10 safest neighborhoods in [Alabama] experienced less than 25 violent crimes in 2017.

Helena, Satsuma, Southside, Moody and Orange Beach all reported 225 or fewer property crimes.

For anyone looking to make a home for themselves [in the Yellowhammer state], this list of Alabama’s safest cities is a great resource.

Below is a list of the top cities with populations above 5,000 which have earned a spot in our list of the safest communities in Alabama.

What are the Top 10 Safest Cities in Alabama?

  1. Helena

2.   Satsuma
3.   Vestavia Hills
4.   Pelham
5.   Spanish Fort

6.   Alabaster
7.   Southside
8.   Hartselle
9.   Moody
10. Orange Beach

Source: "Safest Cities in Alabama" The Home Security Advisor (February 1, 2019) Mike HSA