Alabama Leads Nation in ‘American-Made’ Automobile Production

Alabama Leads Nation in ‘American-Made’ Automobile Production

According to a new study, three of the top four and four of the top seven American-made automobiles were assembled in Alabama, providing another impressive testimonial for the state’s booming automotive industry. recently released its 2019 “American-Made Index,” which studies a bevy of factors, including: the final-assembly location; the origin of parts in the car as reported for the American Automobile Labeling Act; the origin country (or countries) for its engines; the origin country (or countries) for transmissions; and the number of Americans its parent automaker employs at the factory level.

Four of the top 10 American-made vehicles were assembled at the Honda plant in Lincoln, Alabama.

The Odyssey, Ridgeline and Passport ranked second, third and fourth respectively, while the Pilot came in at number seven.

To celebrate Honda’s American-made prowess, even took a special look at the company’s Alabama plant.

One key reason why Alabama’s robust automotive industry continues to grow is the state’s world-class workforce development efforts.

The Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA plant in Huntsville will be another tremendous boon to the industry when it is completed.

Article Source: "Alabama leads nation in ‘American-made’ automobile production" Yellowhammer News (July 2, 2019)  

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