Auburn University Ranked Number One in the Nation for Happiest Students

Auburn University Ranked Number One in the Nation for Happiest Students

Auburn University was ranked number one for having the happiest students in the nation, according to The Princeton Review’s 2020 rankings released this week.

The university, located in the “Loveliest Village on the Plains,” was ranked number one in the “happiest students” category for Princeton Review’s “Best 385 Colleges” rankings.

Rankings in the study were based on surveys from 140,000 students, which included 80 questions and 385 colleges. 

According to the results published in a news release, students said the Auburn environment is “challenging, captivating, unique and yet still timeless.” Respondents also said the southern university “provides you plenty of resources and opportunities to get a top-notch education.” Students also noted that Auburn University offers a “nurturing education, extracurricular involvement opportunities and professional skill development.”

Respondents overwhelmingly were in agreement that Auburn University is a friendly campus, with one survey respondent stating, “The Auburn Family has your back.”

“Auburn students are happy because Auburn is more than a classroom, a football stadium or a degree,” said Mary Margaret Turton, president of Auburn’s Student Government Association. “Auburn is an empowering experience where students are challenged and motivated to become men and women of the Auburn Creed; a dedication to excellence in academia and student life and a place rooted in tradition and support that becomes home.”

Other top qualities mentioned by survey participants was Auburn’s “beautiful campus,” “amazing new recreation center” and “safe downtown.” The students also complimented the array of nearby food options.

“Auburn is a diverse place with a multitude of activities, so everyone can find something they like to participate in,” said Hudson Honeywell, a junior biomedical sciences major.

He added, “What makes me happy at Auburn is I have been provided with everything I was looking for in a college.  Auburn has given me a strong education, leadership and service opportunities, supportive faculty, exciting athletic events, many social activities and a loving community.”

Source: "Auburn University ranked number one in the nation for happiest students" Yellowhammer News (August 9, 2019)