The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2020—and Beyond

The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2020—and Beyond

Interior design of the past decade has been shaped by a number of unmistakable trends. Remember Scandinavian minimalism and the all-white kitchen? How about Moroccan-inspired area rugs, Millennial Pink, and the seemingly immortal modern farmhouse aesthetic? Is that fiddleleaf fig plant still thriving? (No judgment if it's seen better days.) Is that "Live, Laugh, Love" word art sign still hanging in your entryway?

There's something all of these disparate decor trends have in common: At one point, all felt like the very height of fashion; but now they might seem a bit stale.

Stepping into a new year—and a new decade—gives us the opportunity to look ahead and plan for what's next for 2020. And when it comes to home design, that means sussing out the decor, colors, and finishes that will be in high demand. Some of the trends from the 2010s will carry over into the next decade, and some will be left in the dust (peace out, open shelving!).

Below, our design experts spill the details on what they expect to be "in" for 2020, and how you can use these looks to refresh your own home.

1. Euro-style cabinetry

We expect to see Euro-style cabinets popping up more and more. These frameless, sleek wonders could relegate open shelving to the dustbin of modern design history.

"This is a very clean, streamlined look," says Karen Gray-Plaistedof Design Solutions KGP. "The cabinetry will have minimal hardware, and the finishes will be in wood or a solid color."

"This type of high-end laminate has been widely available in Europe for many years and has now traveled to the U.S. over the past year or two," says Erin Davis, lead designer at Mosaik Design & Remodeling, in Portland, OR.

But if you think this style works only with modern interior design, think again. Euro-style cabinets will suit a number of aesthetics from boho (seen above) to traditional kitchens, too.

2. Black is back

Some may say this is the pendulum swinging away from all-white interiors, but many of our experts predict that black furnishings will be bigger than ever in 2020.

Brett Elron, owner and lead interior designer at in New York, says we will see black on larger design elements like accent walls, sofas, and cabinets.

"And if you pair up your dark doors with great hardware, you really add some character to your home," he says.

Gray-Plaisted agrees, saying that black cabinetry is the new alternative to white.

"If black cabinetry is too much for you in a kitchen, consider the lowers to be done in black and the uppers done in wood," she recommends.

Anne R. Kokoskie of Styled by ARK says that she expects to see the rise of black tubs and bold, dark colors on doors.

3. Quartz in the kitchen

This tough mineral will be a rock star in 2020, showing up in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the laundry room. Many designers see it as the be-all, end-all for countertops because of its durability and reasonable price.

"Unlike marble, it's nonporous and resists stains," says Davis.

4. Smaller, bolder spaces

For a while, open-concept rooms seemed to be taking over all home design. But there are some indications that things might be changing a bit in coming years.

"Now, I'm finding people miss having cozy, individual spaces that they can call their own or allow for different activities without disruption," says Amy Kartheiser, an interior designer in Chicago.

These smaller rooms are the perfect spaces to go bold with colors and finishes.

"Small bathrooms or powder rooms will also be statement makers through the use of dramatic wallpaper, unusual sinks, and creative lighting," adds Kokoskie.

5. Burl wood

Retro in appearance but full of modern visual appeal, burled wood furniture and accessories are bound to be hot in the very near future.

"Burled wood, with its swirly patterns, will be seen on nightstands, side tables, and cocktail tables as a beautiful, natural accent," says Denise Morrison, founder of the Southern California firm Denise Morrison Interiors.

6. Brass

There's no two ways about it: Brass is here to stay. But this isn't the chintzy stuff you may have seen in your grandmother's house.

"Brass is not the brass we have known from the '90s," says Gray-Plaisted. "It's more matte."

The best way to work brass into your decor is by combining it with other metals.

"Mixing metals is a great way to ensure brass doesn’t feel dated in a few years’ time," Kartheiser says. Contrary to what you may have been told, combining warm brass tones with its cooler cousins (silver, chrome) is definitely allowed.

7. Double islands in the kitchen

If there's a kitchen renovation in your future—and you love to cook and entertain—consider this building trend: double islands."Double islands help you separate meal prep from serving," says Kokoskie. A second, smaller island could also be used as a wet bar during a party or a floral station for arranging vases.

Source: "The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2020—and Beyond" (December 18, 2019)