These Are the Top 5 Real Estate Podcasts

These Are the Top 5 Real Estate Podcasts

Podcasts are the latest infotainment craze to take the American public by storm. With more than 850,000 active podcasts and nearly 31 million downloads in 2020 alone, podcasting has cemented itself as a true American pastime.

As the popularity of this medium continues to grow, more and more housing industry professionals are becoming hosts and launching their own podcasts on topics ranging from real estate, fintech, and mortgage news.

To provide our readers with a directory, HousingWire has put together a list of some of the top real estate podcasts in the housing space. While these podcasts aren’t in a particular order, each has a unique element that makes it truly the best of the best.

Here are the top 5 real estate podcasts in the housing space:


1. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

This podcast was created by New York Times Bestselling Author and Real Estate Coach and speaker Tom Ferry in 2019. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience features a wide range of topics, providing listeners with the “knowledge, support, motivation, and tools needed to succeed in business and achieve their true potential.” The podcast has received a 4.8 rating on iTunes and can be found on iTunes, Spotify and more. For new listeners, HousingWire recommends the episode titled Spencer Rascoff Shares Powerful Business ‘Lightbulb’ Lesson‪s, which discusses the three biggest lessons the Zillow co-founder and former CEO learned from top leaders in the tech industry, which can be adapted for personal businesses. This episode will be great for serial entrepreneurs or anyone learning how to pivot their business model due to impacts from COVID-19.

Testimonial: “Tom is refreshing in that [he] is able to simplify the steps to greatness into real, achievable and measurable steps. He has a balanced approach keeping family and personal health on par with work success. Truly refreshing and inspiring.


2. Real Estate Rockstar‪s‬

With more than than 4 million downloads from over 100 countries, Real Estate Rockstars aims to help its listeners “make more sales and earn higher commissions by learning directly from real estate’s top performers.” Created in 2016, the tri-weekly podcast is hosted by Real Estate Trainer and Billion-dollar agent Pat Hiban, is available on Spotify and has a rating of 4.6 on iTunes. In each episode, you’ll learn from up-and-coming agents, seasoned brokers, real estate investors, and more. Boasting guests like Robert KiyosakiBarbara Corcoran, and Ryan Serhant, Hiban aims to ask the questions that matter and implement strategies that will help listeners make more money in real estate. HousingWire recommends the episode titled, The Difference Between Good and Great Real Estate Agents, which features Realtor Jay Pitts and explains to listeners why a strong work ethic is even more essential now.

Testimonial: “This is one of the few real estate related podcasts I still listen to. They not only provide great content for agents but also real estate investors and business owners. You will not be disappointed!”


3. REAL Trending

REAL Trending was created by the REAL Trends team and provides listeners with trends, analysis, and success stories from leaders in the real estate industry. Hosted by REAL Trends President Steve Murray and Managing Editor Tracey Velt, the podcast interviews some of the brightest minds in real estate. Each week a new brokerage leader, top agent, team leader, or industry expert shares their success secrets, trends, and lessons learned navigating the ever-changing real estate industry. The podcast has a 4.1 rating on iTunes and is also available on Spotify. HousingWire recommends the episode that features Ryan Gorman, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, and Booker Pickett, broker of Coldwell Banker Pickett Fences Realty, which discusses the challenges and barriers facing minority brokers and a new program aimed at giving them a hand up.

Testimonial: “If you are in the Real Estate industry, this podcast is a must listen! I listen to this podcast to stay up-to-date with the current real estate industry rends and new real estate industry updates! I would definitely recommend listening!”


4. The Real Wealth Show

Hosted by Kathy Fettke, the co-CEO of Real Wealth Network, the Real Wealth Show boasts a rating of 4.6 on iTunes, This podcast, which is also hosted on Spotify, is all about smart real estate investing. Fettke, the author of “Retire Rich with Rentals” and the host of companion podcast, Real Estate News for Investors, shares her own secrets and those of top experts in the real estate investing field. In this weekly podcast, Fettke shows listeners how to build a portfolio outside the stock market with buy-and-hold strategies, single-family rentals, multi-family properties, syndicated deals, self-directed IRAs and 401ks, and more. HousingWire recommends the podcast episode titled Forecast with Fannie Mae Chief Economist Doug Duncan, which profiles Duncan, who has been recognized by Bloomberg as one of the 50 most powerful people in Real Estate.

Testimonial: “Thank you Kathy for bringing us these stories! I love hearing different perspectives – from experts in the field to newbie investors to experienced real estate investors. It helps me to better understand my journey as an investor. Plus, some of the stories are very heartwarming! “


5. Biggerpockets

With a 4.8 rating on iTunes, Biggerpockets aims to provide listeners with an intimate approach to podcasting. The show, which is available on Spotify, is co-hosted by Brandon TurnerDavid Greene, and BiggerPockets founder Joshua Dorkin, and aims to provide listeners with actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. The show isn’t about getting rich or selling a course, but instead gives listeners “real strategies that work for real people.” HousingWire recommends the episode titled, How Are You Marketing Yourself?, which features New York Times bestselling author of Everything is Figureoutable Marie Forleo. In this episode, senior producer Kevin Leahy and Forleo unpack wisdom on how listeners can differentiate themselves in the market, and what they can do to be “that guy” or “that girl” in their specific industry.

Testimonial: ” I literally went from knowing nothing to getting ready to buy my first rental property, These guys are not just an inspiration but a motivation for you to get up and go get it. I thank these guys for the work they’ve put in. It hasn’t gone unnoticed.”


Lastly, Housingwire wants to introduce you to a new real estate podcast, focused on minority homeownership: Honest Conversations.

Right now, more than ever, the housing industry has been having honest conversations about how race impacts the homebuying process. To heighten the discussion, HousingWire is launching Honest Conversations, a new mini-podcast series to examine the state of minority homeownership in America.

In late February, please join HousingWire Daily each Wednesday as we aim to provide listeners with a greater perspective on how race, housing, and wealth intersect, and what experts are doing to close the homeownership gap. Hosted and produced by Alcynna Lloyd.

Source: These Are the Top 5 Real Estate Podcasts HousingWire (February 17, 2021) Brena Nath