Capitol News & Notes: Week Seven

Capitol News & Notes: Week Seven

Last week, the Legislature adjourned for spring break. The House reconvened this afternoon at 1 p.m., and the Senate reconvened at 2 p.m. This week, it is expected that the Legislature will only meet for two legislative days and use Wednesday as a committee day.


Bills of Interest

REALTOR®-Sponsored Bill to Modernize the Code and Operations of AREC

As reported on previously here, SB331, sponsored by Sen. Dan Roberts (R-Birmingham), would modernize the code in a manner that ensures the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC) can fulfill its mission in the most ethical, accountable, and transparent way possible. An overview and explanations for some frequently asked questions can be found here. Prior to the break, SB 331 received a favorable report from the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

During the legislative spring break and throughout the legislative process, AAR and sponsors have worked with AREC and others to address concerns raised to make the bill stronger. Several friendly amendments will be made to SB 331.

  • As previously reported, an amendment will be made to be sure that at least one of the nine seats will continue to be a dedicated seat for an African American member. The goal is expansion of diversity efforts to all nine seats on the real estate commission so that diversity of gender, race, and geographical areas is reflective of the makeup of this state, and the bill’s language would be consistent with most occupational licensing boards in Alabama. This would include not only African Americans, but also Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and others.
  • An amendment will be made to remove the proposed definition of property management activities, exceptions, and definitions.
  • An amendment will be made to give AREC more flexibility in the creating of rules and timelines in establishing the intent of the implementation of virtual education, one-hour continuing education courses, and implementation of other initiatives.
  • Several amendments will be made for technical revisions to add clarity and further definitions.

SB 331 and the friendly amendments above are expected to be considered in the Senate this week. The bill will not move without the amendments listed above.

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