3 Steps to brand yourself an expert in a changing market

3 Steps to brand yourself an expert in a changing market

Homebuyers and sellers are inundated daily with news of interest rate hikes, falling home prices and slowing home sales, leaving them wondering what it all means for their plans. 

That’s where your expertise and knowledge can create credibility with nervous clients and help you build your brand as a trusted agent who knows what’s happening as the real estate market shifts dramatically. 

Here are three things to do now to transform your brand from agent to trusted expert.


1. Educate yourself

Anything and everything you could want to know about the housing market is at the touch of a Google search, but digging through all of that information and then analyzing for the insights your clients need takes time. Clients are also wading their way through the overwhelming real estate market news as they decide whether they buy or sell as planned. 

This is your opportunity to be a trusted source of accurate, timely information in your market. You don’t have time to spare as homebuyers and sellers look to you for direction on their next move.  

Experts who specialize in educating agents and developing content can serve as a partner to your business by shortcutting the process and providing the insights you need now to help you become the market expert for your sphere. 


2. Support your clients with current and easy-to-understand content

Once you are up to speed on the latest market insights, you need to communicate it to your clients in the channels they use, such as social media, on the web and in email.

Just as we all have our preferred method of receiving information, the type of content we prefer is varied too. In order to reach a broad audience and rise above the noise, you must share engaging and interesting content in the form of infographics, blogs, videos, newsletters and website content at least three times a week. 

If you’re currently using Canva, Google or other online tools to create your own content, you know how time-consuming this process can be to a busy agent who’s also trying to stay on top of the latest market news. 

Content creation platforms especially for real estate agents not only provide the digestible information you need to stay informed, but they also provide ready-made social media graphics, videos, newsletter copy and more to make it easy to share the latest data and news with home buyers and sellers.


3. Enlist the help of a real estate content partner

Accessing and sharing informative content can set you apart from other agents, but only if it’s a regular part of your business. You need to find content tools and resources that are easy to use and provide you with the timely insights your clients need now. 

Where can you turn for this type of support? There are many options that agents can tap into to educate themselves and their clients on the market — from marketing agencies to content platforms such as Keeping Current Matters. As you do your research on which content partner works best for you, be sure to consider:

  • Do they specialize in the real estate market?
  • Do they offer trusted insights and high-quality content?
  • Is content available in multiple formats, such as video, visuals and written form?
  • Is the content easy to share through multiple channels?
  • Can I brand the content as my own?

This new market reality is forcing everyone to revisit their plans – from homebuyers and sellers to the agents representing them. Part of your new plan must be to brand yourself as a market expert. 

By leveraging helpful insights and content from a source you trust, you’ll be doing more than just staying on top of the latest news and keeping your clients in the loop. You’re building credibility and consideration that will serve your business for years to come.

For more insights, visit keepingcurrentmatters.com.

Source: 3 Steps to brand yourself an expert in a changing market RealTrends (October 4, 2022) Content Solutions Team