How to Talk About Real Estate and Get More Referrals

How to Talk About Real Estate and Get More Referrals

It’s no secret that agents who talk about real estate all the time get more business from their friends, family, and sphere of influence. But what if you’re not that comfortable having those conversations? Maybe it doesn’t come naturally to you. Fear not! Help is on the way.

Let’s talk about how to handle some basic questions you’ll hear all the time in your real estate practice. Don’t be a secret agent. Learn to talk about real estate all the time. As a result, you will soon set more appointments and close more deals.


4 Rules of Conversation

  1. Always be positive.
  2. Concentrate on the person with whom you’re speaking. Make it all about them, not about you. Ask good questions and listen to the answers. Be fascinated by the person in front of you.
  3. Your mindset is always about how you can be of service. Be a problem solver.
  4. Remember that people move because of their circumstances, not because of the market conditions. There are always opportunities to help people buy or sell real estate. The market is shifting, not crashing, so keep your drama tucked in!

4 Common Questions and How to Answer them:

How’s the Market?

Don’t say: Well, it’s come to a real screeching halt lately with my showings, ever since rates changed.

Don’t say: My last closing was a real nightmare. You won’t believe what happened!

Don’t say: I’m waiting for it to crash like everyone else.

Do say: The market is changing but it’s still great. I’ve been really blessed to help so many people over the past year. I’m glad you asked. I’ve set a goal of helping three more families buy or sell real estate this month. Whom do you know who could use my help? What are you most curious about? (Listen to their answer).

How Long Have You Been in Real Estate?

The more professional you are, the less likely you’ll get this question. Dress well, learn your scripts, and know what’s actually happening in the market versus just the headlines. Knowledge = confidence, Ignorance = fear. Have some talking points.

Back to the question. How long have you been in real estate?

Don’t say: Well, I just got my license last month..

Don’t say; I just won the Platinum Award, or I’ve sold more homes than anyone in my office.

Do say: Seems like forever! It’s been such a fast and furious market lately. In fact, I’ve set a goal of helping even more people this month. Whom do you know whom I should be helping to buy or sell?

How Many Homes Have You Sold This Year, in My Neighborhood or in My Price Range?

There are different ways of answering this professionally, depending on your experience level.

If you’re a veteran, no sweat, you have great answers.

For everyone else, the newbies, up-and-coming agents, and agents who are out of their comfort zone price range or geographically, use your company stats:

‘We’ve sold x number of homes here in __town/subdivision__. Tell me more about your real estate plans!’

Anything You Don’t Know About

“That’s a great question, Bob… I’m writing this down and I’ll have an answer for you by this evening. What’s the best number to reach you tonight?”

Then write it down and be sure to follow up. No one expects you to know everything about real estate all the time. Don’t wing it and don’t dodge the question. Just circle back with an answer.

This is just a sampling of the most common questions you’ll run across, assuming you’re not a secret agent and are talking about real estate all the time. There are many scripts, basic and advanced, that make you a more confident agent.


Source: How to Talk About Real Estate and Get More Referrals Real Trends ( March 1 2023) Tim and Julie Harris