Orange Beach Among Most Picturesque Small Towns

Orange Beach Among Most Picturesque Small Towns

Orange Beach heads a trio of small towns on the Alabama Gulf Coast that have been nationally recognized for their scenic beauty.

Orange Beach, according to travel experts at North Carolina Travel Guides, is the third most-picturesque small town in the country. Coming in at Nos. 118 and 119 on the publication’s list of the 120 top small towns are Fairhope and Gulf Shores.

“Known for its beautiful beaches and blue waters, the town also features several dining options and various other attractions for guests to visit,” the publication said of Orange Beach. “From getting beautiful views of the water while hanging out at the beach to going for a relaxing stroll on the town’s boardwalk to seeing Orange Beach from the water while doing a cruise, those who love beautiful places will be charmed by this town.

“This, combined with great dining options and fun attractions, makes Orange Beach a wonderful place to visit.”

Daniel Lewis, executive editor at North Carolina Travel Guides, said that the towns recognized “have it all.”

“When choosing where to go for a getaway, the beauty of a destination is an important factor for many. There is nothing more delightful than visiting a place that keeps on surprising you with its beauty and charm while you are exploring it,” said Lewis. “Each small town that made the list has its own unique elements that make it beautiful.”

The top five small towns in the U.S., according to North Carolina Travel Guide:

  1. Fredericksburg, Texas
  2. Cedarburg, Wis.
  3. Orange Beach
  4. Portsmouth, N.H.
  5. Madison, Ga.

North Carolina Travel Guide‘s rankings were based upon search trends, popularity with photographers, and popularity with the general public.


Source: Orange Beach Among Most Picturesque Small Towns Yellowhammer (July 28, 2023) Austen Shipley