How to Win Listings and Generate Pre-Sale Buzz

How to Win Listings and Generate Pre-Sale Buzz

In the fiercely competitive world of real estate, securing a listing and generating excitement around a property is essential for success. Property photos play a pivotal role in this success, which is why it’s so important to ensure you use high-quality photos that capture attention.

But here’s the question: How can a savvy real estate professional capture jaw-dropping photos even before enlisting a professional photographer for that all-important property shoot? The answer lies right in your hands—your phone. If you have a smartphone with a high-quality camera, you have the tools to secure more listings and ignite enthusiasm before a property hits the market.


Elevate Your Pre-Listing Package to Win Listings

Even before you secure a listing, you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition by presenting a pre-listing package that leaves potential clients in awe.

Here’s how your smartphone can help you achieve that:

Capture the exterior with your smartphone

Start by driving past the property and using your phone’s high-quality camera to snap an exterior photo. This will serve as your initial canvas. If the weather isn’t cooperating or the property looks less than perfect, don’t worry—professional editing can work wonders.

Professional photo editing

To maximize appeal, ensure your photos are professionally edited. You can opt for a simple enhancement that can turn a gray sky to beautiful blue or go for the “wow” factor with a twilight conversion edit. This magical transformation turns your daytime photo into a captivating twilight shot, making the property even more enticing.

If the property appears less tidy than desired, consider removing unwanted objects like trash cans, cars, or other distractions from the photo digitally. This edit enhances curb appeal and ensures an eye-catching and polished photo.


Stand Out with a Pre-Listing Power Package

Incorporate this edited photo on the front page of your pre-listing package to make a lasting impression. By showcasing this professionally edited exterior photo upfront, you convey that you’re already effectively marketing the property and, in turn, stand out to potential sellers.


Creating Pre-Sale Excitement with Sneak Peek Photos

You’ve successfully secured the listing with your outstanding pre-listing package, but you haven’t yet had a professional photographer shoot the property. Your smartphone can still help you build anticipation around the property before it officially hits the market.

Here’s how:

Shoot the property yourself

If you can’t immediately arrange for professional photos, don’t wait! Use your phone to take interior and exterior shots of the property yourself. While these won’t replace professional photos, with photo editing they will look great and give potential buyers a sneak peek.

Get the photos professionally edited

Enhance your DIY photos to ensure you’re presenting the property in the best possible light and attracting potential buyers.  


Share Social Media Teasers

Take advantage of your social media platforms by sharing your DIY photos as a pre-listing sneak peek. Mention that professional photos are on their way, creating anticipation among your followers and generating interest before the property officially hits the market.


The Ultimate Tool for Real Estate Pros on the Go

One powerful tool that can provide you with a competitive advantage is the SnapSnapSnap photo app, developed by SnapSnapSnap is an innovative app designed to provide high-quality photos for real estate professionals on the go. With its cutting-edge automatic bracketing technology, you can say goodbye to the complexity of camera adjustments. A single click captures multiple exposures, seamlessly blending them for exceptional interior and exterior clarity. If you want to increase your camera quality and streamline your work process, SnapSnapSnap is the ultimate solution.

The best part? You can access professional photo editing directly through the app. You can submit your photos for an Image Enhancement edit on SnapSnapSnap and receive beautiful, professional-quality photos back in just 24 hours. You can also access a range of other edits on the app—Day to Dusk, Item Removal, and Virtual Staging.


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