Why Staging is Now a Must, and How to Help Your Clients Afford It

Why Staging is Now a Must, and How to Help Your Clients Afford It

There is something magical about having a listing that is move-in ready and looks like a buyer’s dream home. Being in the real estate industry, you know far too well that unfortunately most listings won’t come like this ready to serve up on a silver platter. Getting a home market-ready is work and staging is one way to add that wow factor that helps homes reach this level. 


Help Your Clients

Staging doesn’t just make a house look pretty. It is believed to have a number of other benefits as well. According to our recent study, some agents believe that staging can help a home turn a higher profit by increasing its listing price or helping it get offers over the asking price. Besides the monetary benefits, other agents believe that staging can help a home sell faster, get more bids, and lead to better showings. 

For homeowners who don’t stage their home, this could mean leaving money at the closing table or watching their home sit on the market for longer. Either way, the homeowner may not be happy. 


Staging is Also Good for Business

While we already talked about the benefits for your homeowner, the perks don’t just end there. With so many agents joining the industry and such a shortage of inventory, winning listings has become particularly challenging. If you are an agent who only offers the basics, you may have been successful in the past but will likely struggle in the future. 

Nowadays, clients want options, and the basics will no longer suffice. In our recent survey of homeowners, we found that 72% said they chose an agent who came to a list with options, and 77% said they would choose an agent who offered a pay-at-closing solution. 

If you aren’t staging your listings, you are falling behind. According to our numbers, 97% of agents believe staged homes positively influence buyer decisions and regularly recommend the service to sellers.

Staging, even better pay-at-closing staging, can be that added service that helps you stand out. As a result, you can win more listings, do more business, and sell homes for more. All are great for business. 


Funding Doesn't Need to Be a Problem

How are you paying for staging? We found that almost one out of four agents said they were personally paying for staging on behalf of their clients. Over time, this can start to add up and become a big burden for you. Instead of having to pay out of pocket just to keep your listings competitive, we do have a solution. 

Curbio offers a pay-at-closing staging service that makes staging more accessible to homeowners. Some markets just require a small administrative fee. Your clients do not need to worry about finding the money upfront to stage their home, and you do not need to worry about paying out of pocket to do so. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Curbio is the real estate agent’s number one contractor offering a turnkey solution and a streamlined, technology-driven approach to pre-listing updates. Our pay-at-closing model also makes these projects accessible to more homeowners. Whether it is staging, painting, or deep cleaning, we can help you and your clients determine what type of preparations and updates will result in the most profit for your clients. Learn more about how Curbio works. 


Source: Why Staging is Now a Must, and How to Help Your Clients Afford It RisMedia (September 14, 2023) Olivia Mariani