An Alabama (Travel) 2024 Bucket List

An Alabama (Travel) 2024 Bucket List

The new year is quickly approaching and so is the time for planning exciting trips and lots of fun adventures in the coming year. We invite you to embark on a journey through the heart of the Deep South as we unveil Alabama’s captivating travel bucket list for 2024. 

Alabama is truly a Southern gem that beckons with a tapestry of woven threads that reflect the history, culture and natural beauty of the state. Its rich history, diverse landscapes and vibrant culture offer an enticing array of experiences for travelers. As you plan for the year ahead, we have outlined the following must-see destinations to add to your bucket list:


Start in Birmingham

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute 17

Begin your journey in Birmingham, the Magic City which is known for its industrial past and dynamic present. Your list should include, The Civil Rights Institute, a powerful museum that chronicles the city and state’s role in the civil rights movement. You also should check out the many city-central green spaces and murals showcasing vibrant history and street art. Don’t forget to make plans to dine at some of the South’s restaurants featuring James Beard award-winning chefs. 


Next, Montgomery

Venturing southward to Montgomery, the state capital, your list should include the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice. Both highlight the racial struggles in America. You’ll take a stroll along the historic Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached. 

18.12.12 Mem Peace Justice0690

On to Double Springs

Sougahoagdee Falls Lane Leopard3

For nature enthusiasts, your bucket list should include the Bankhead National Forest which offers a pristine escape with hiking trails, waterfalls and serene campgrounds. The Sipsey Wilderness located within the forest, gives adventure seekers rugged terrains and picturesque landscapes.  


Into Muscle Shoals

No Alabama bucket list would be complete without experiencing the musical heritage of Muscle Shoals. Make sure FAME Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio are on the list. See where legendary artists like Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge and the Rolling Stones recorded their timeless hits. 

16.09.20 Muscle Shoals Studio0080

Escape to Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores And Orange Beach 11 A1573

Gulf Shores offers a beach getaway along Alabama’s stunning coastline where you can relax on pristine, white sandy beaches. Take the opportunity to explore Gulf State Park and indulge in fresh seafood at local restaurants. Head towards Mobile and stop off in the charming town of Fairhope nestled along Mobile Bay. It has scenic streets, boutiques and waterfront views that will take your breath away. 


Finally, Huntsville

Wrap up your 2024 bucket list in Huntsville. Known for its space exploration history, you will want to visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Center to explore America’s space program. Huntsville Botanical Garden offers natural beauty with meticulously landscaped grounds and themed gardens. This tranquil retreat also features aquatic displays in its aquatic garden. History comes to life at Burritt on the Mountain, a living history museum located atop Monte Sano. For a taste of the local arts scene, visit the Lowe Mills Arts & Entertainment venue which is housed in a former textile mill. There you will find art studios, galleries and artisanal shops with handmade crafts and unique art pieces. 

Here’s to making 2024 an unforgettable Alabama journey!

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