Designers Reveal The Top Vintage Home Trends For 2024

Designers Reveal The Top Vintage Home Trends For 2024

Decorating with vintage pieces will never go out of style, but there are certain looks from yesteryear that will be having an especially major moment in 2024—including classic wooden furnishings, peppy patterns, playful embellishments, designers say.

Read on to learn more about the exciting vintage trends we’ll be seeing everywhere in the coming months. 


Tassels and Fringe

It’s all in the details! Expect to see tassels and fringe on furniture and upholstery, says Jennifer Barron, the founder of Jennifer Barron Interiors in Houston, Texas. “An element of vintage design, these things are here now and will stay in 2024, lending added texture and serving as the finishing layer to a space,” she says. 


Rich Browns

“What I'm seeing now in design is a return to richness in colors, fabrics, and furniture,” says Chad Graci, the founder of Graci Interiors in New Orleans, Louisiana. In particular, Graci is eager to incorporate English furnishings in warm mahogany and rosewood into his design projects. “We want quality pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond,” he says. 

Sara Hillery, the founder of Sara Hillery Interior Design in Richmond, Virginia, is also a proponent of working with the color brown and encourages leaving vintage pieces in their original brown state as opposed to painting over them. “Brown is back, and designers are being drawn to brown patina wood pieces,” she says. 


Mixing Old and New

By no means should a space lean 100 percent vintage or contemporary in style—it’s all about achieving an artful mix, says Emily June Spanos, the founder of Emily June Designs also in Houston. “That could mean updating an heirloom piece of upholstered furniture with a more modern print or even swapping older throw pillows for new ones,” she explains. Another idea? Pair traditional moldings and trim with trending wallpaper, Spanos suggests. She adds, “The possibilities are endless, but finding ways to incorporate one's own vintage pieces or the traditional details of one's home into current decor will be the name of the game.” 

One way to easily achieve this is by incorporating a vintage chair into your existing space, says Kelly Riley, the founder of June Taylor Shop in Lakeland, Florida. “Look for made in North Carolina upholstered chairs and sofas—Baker, Sherrill, Rowe, Pearson, CraftMaster, and so many others—immaculately kept that have timeless fabric,” she suggests. 


Displaying Quilts

Bring on the cottagecore vibes! Quilts are having a major moment as of late, says Will Hunt Lewis, the founder of Hunt and Bloom in Houston. “These cherished homespun and handmade treasures have quickly become fashionable, not only for the home but for clothing as well,” Lewis says. Of course, you can display them on the bed or sofa, but they make for great decor when not in use, Lewis explains. He says, “I love to have a large, antique basket filled to the brim with vintage quilts conveniently placed in a library or den for easy access to warm up from the cold, or simply get cozy!” 


Organic Shapes

Bring on the sculptural vibes in 2024, says Gray Walker, the founder of Gray Walker Interiors in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is partial to the classic Eclipse stool—you can find plenty of replicas online at a range of price points. “This multi-functional Art Deco piece adds aesthetic geometry and has the ability to reinvent itself through the years,” the designer says. 


Colorful Prints

Don’t shy away from textiles with beautiful, bold patterns in 2024. “I am especially liking anything that brings in the warm, sultry Southern outdoors—trellises, big fat florals, and playful toiles are great choices for vintage home design,” says Linda Eyles, the founder of Linda Eyles Design in Houston.


Source: Designers Reveal The Top Vintage Home Trends For 2024 Southern Living (February 23, 2024) Sarah Lyon